$140 billion expected value for the e-commerce market in the Middle East by 2027

0 billion expected value for the e-commerce market in the Middle East by 2027

With expectations that the value of the e-commerce sector in the Middle East and North Africa region will reach $57 billion in 2026, with a compound annual growth rate of 11%, Flexstock has launched regional expansion services.

The company is working to drive the growth of the e-commerce market in the region by providing the opportunity for merchants to expand into new markets, which contributes to achieving the expected total commercial value of the sector in the region by 2027, which amounts to $140 billion.

The Flexstock platform, which specializes in providing e-commerce solutions in the Middle East, includes important features to provide a seamless experience for merchants, including the ability to implement all procedures that ensure companies have greater ease in expanding their business activity to and from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the Emirates, in addition to international shipping, customs clearance, Customs duty compliance, trade compliance, electronic payment solutions, etc.

Flexstock’s experience includes the field of local operations, starting with its capabilities in warehousing and preparing orders, all the way to delivering products to the final consumer, in addition to providing advanced customer service to the local consumer to ensure a smooth experience.

Within just three months of launching the new platform, Flexstock succeeded in helping dozens of merchants expand the scope of their operations in the region, strengthen their customer base, and increase their profits, which confirms the great efficiency of the platform’s operations.

These merchants are active in many sectors, including fashion, cosmetics and home accessories. The platform also contributed to providing them with the opportunity to stream new revenues.

Flexstock seeks to include more than 1,500 merchants on the platform in the coming years, and the company expects annual sales from this service to reach more than 1.4 billion US dollars by 2026.

For his part, Mohamed Massad, CEO of Flexstock, said, “The work of electronic platforms is not limited to providing logistical services, but must also include providing the opportunity for merchants to expand into other markets.”


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