17℃→2℃! Level 6 gust! The cold air is back! What’s even more worrying is…

17℃→2℃!  Level 6 gust! The cold air is back! What’s even more worrying is…

It’s sunny today

Very comfortable temperature at noon

Today’s daytime maximum temperature also reached its recent peak

15:00, except for northern and eastern areas

Most areas of our city

The temperature rises to 15-17℃

Do you feel the warmth?

Xiqing’s highest temperature hits record high

So warm!As of 16:00 today, the highest temperatures in 18 provincial capital cities hit a new high this year:Harbin is 5.4℃, Changchun is 9.2℃, Shenyang is 13℃, Hohhot is 8.3℃, Taiyuan is 16.4℃, Beijing is 15.7℃,Xiqing, Tianjin 16.1℃Shijiazhuang 17.7℃, Xi’an 17.3℃, Xining 13.4℃, Jinan 20.6℃, Zhengzhou 20.6℃, Hefei 22.7℃, Wuhan 23.5℃, Chongqing 21.2℃, Guiyang 21.7℃, Chengdu 19.6℃, Kunming 20℃.

Among them, Hefei, Zhengzhou, Jinan, and Kunming had the first temperatures of 20℃+ this year, while Taiyuan, Beijing, andTianjin Xiqing reaches 15℃ for the first time this yearShenyang exceeded 10℃ for the first time this year, and Harbin also reached 5℃ for the first time.

After the warmth

sharp temperature reversal


The first cold wave in the Year of the Dragon will appear after the holiday

Heavy snowfall in some areas

The Central Meteorological Observatory predicts that from the 13th to the 15th, affected by the strong cold air, the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and the areas north of it will have 4 storms from north to south.toLevel 6 northerly wind, gust 7toLevel 9;Temperatures generally dropped 4to8℃, with some areas cooling down by 10to12℃, and the local temperature drop in Northeast China can reach about 14℃.

According to the mid-term forecast of the Central Meteorological Observatory,17SolsticeOn the 21st, there will be a cold wave affecting from west to east and from north to south.Most areas of our country,The temperature dropped by 6 to 10℃ successively, to 12 to 16℃ in some areas, and above 18℃ in some places. China Weather Network stated that this will be the first cold wave in the Year of the Dragon.

The day after tomorrow, there will be light to moderate snow or sleet in parts of northeastern Inner Mongolia, northwest Heilongjiang, northern Xinjiang, southern and eastern Tibet, the western Sichuan Plateau, and northwest Yunnan. Among them, some areas in northern Xinjiang, northwest Yunnan and other places will experience light to moderate snow or sleet.There will be heavy snowfall, local heavy snowfall.

Municipal Emergency Bureau Natural Disaster Risk Tips

The Tianjin Ocean Center Meteorological Observatory issued a blue warning signal for maritime gales at 14:42 on February 13, 2024: It is expected that from tomorrow morning to evening, there will be strong winds in the anchorage waters of Tianjin Port and the central waters of the Bohai Sea.Northeast wind level 6-7, gust level 8,Relevant units and personnel are requested to make precautionary preparations. The general public is requested to pay close attention to weather changes, make reasonable travel adjustments, avoid seaside activities, and stay away from coastal beaches. When discovering danger or being trapped, immediately evacuate and seek rescue from the local government, public security, fire and emergency departments.

Fog at night

It is expected tonight to early tomorrow morning

Our city is cloudy with light fog

Central and southern regions haveHeavy fog

As the northeasterly wind comes online tomorrow morning

Visibility will gradually improve

Cold air will be delivered tomorrow

Affected by cold air

tomorrowWind strength increased to level 3-4, with gusts reaching level 6

The wind weakened during the night

the day after tomorrowThere is cold airReplenish

The wind increased again

The temperature will also gradually drop

The highest temperature in urban areas on the 15thdropped to about 8℃

Nighttime minimum temperature drops to below zero

Last two days of vacation(16-17th)

The sky will be mainly sunny to cloudy

Temperature rises

The maximum daytime temperature returns to12-13℃

What’s even more worrying is

Strong cold air is actively started

Sunday (18th)We welcome the first working day after the Spring Festival

Cold air is actively working

A strong cold air hits from the 18th to the 20th

The sky turns cloudy

and bringStrong wind cools downweather

The temperature will drop significantly

Nighttime minimum temperatures return below freezing again

The highest temperature on the 20th was only 2℃

Frequent temperature fluctuations recently

Pay attention to the latest forecast and warning information in a timely manner

Weather forecast for the coming week


Cloudy with light fog

breezeTurning northeasterly to level 3-4

Minimum 2℃

Wednesday, February 14th (the fifth day of the lunar month)

Daytime: cloudy

Night: cloudy to sunny

Northeast wind level 3-4Rafale Level 6turn to breeze

11to -2℃

Thursday, February 15th (the sixth day of the lunar month)

Partly cloudy

Northwest wind level 3-4 turning to light breeze, 8 to -1℃

Friday, February 16 (the seventh day of the lunar month)

Partly cloudy

South wind level 3-4,12to 1℃

Saturday, February 17 (the eighth day of the lunar month)

Sunny to cloudy

breeze,13to 1℃

weather at work

Sunday, February 18

Cloudy to overcast

breeze,10to 3℃

Monday, February 19


Northeasterly wind from level 3-4 to level 5-6

5to 2℃

Tuesday, February 20

Overcast to cloudy

Northerly wind level 4-5changebreeze

2to -3℃


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