18 billion riyals, the volume of completed water projects in Jizan

18 billion riyals, the volume of completed water projects in Jizan

His Excellency the Deputy Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture, Engineer Mansour Min Hilal Al-Mushaiti, revealed that the “Environment” system has completed projects in the Jazan region, where the cost of water projects amounted to more than (18) billion riyals for (221) projects, while the cost of agricultural projects in the region amounted to (452) million riyals for (59) projects, in addition to (142) million riyals in the field of environment for (13) projects, explaining that the Ministry is working to implement and lay the foundation stone for new projects valued at (1.7) billion riyals.
During a dialogue session held today within the Jazan Investment Forum 2023, under the title “Strategic Directions for Investment in the Jazan Region,” he pointed out that the Kingdom possesses (5) main components that support the investment environment, including the Saudi human being, Vision 2030, the legislative environment supportive of investment, and financial funds estimated at billions of riyals.
Engineer Al-Mushaiti confirmed that the Kingdom has a coastline of (3800) km, and Jazan has a coastline of (330) km, indicating that the Kingdom began investing in fish farming projects with (10) thousand tons before 2015, while production exceeded (100) thousand. tons this year, with a growth of more than (8%) annually, amid expectations of reaching (600) thousand tons in fish farming in 2030. The region embraces more than (25%) of fish production projects, and there is also an investment opportunity to produce (30) thousand tons of fish farming, in addition to (12) investment opportunities to develop fishing ports and establish recreational sites.
His Excellency explained that the region has promising investment opportunities based on its comparative advantage, and it has large investments in protein production, in addition to agricultural terraces that contributed to the region’s production of more than (1,000) tons of coffee annually, noting the planting of two million mangrove trees on the coasts of the region, as well as Planting more than (2.5) seedlings as support from the Saudi Countryside Program for Farmers.
He stated that the region is considered the Kingdom’s fruit basket, especially with regard to the mango crop produced by the region, indicating the major role of the Agricultural Development Fund in financing agricultural projects. The volume of financing provided by the Fund to the Jazan region amounted to approximately (1.9) billion riyals, equivalent to (27) thousand agricultural loans, and the number of investment opportunities in the Jazan region reached (76) investment opportunities, distributed among (12) governorates affiliated with the region, noting that The pivotal role of the Sustainable Rural Agricultural Development Program “Reef” in supporting small producers in (8) promising agricultural sectors.


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