2 million structures should be replaced as soon as possible

2 million structures should be replaced as soon as possible

Zhaseki, in his “Long Heavy Street Health Project Work Program”, said that cities are places where civilizations are born, develop, spread around and benefit.

Stating that cities are living organisms, Zhaseki said, “Cities are born and grow, just like human beings. Then, if they are well cared for, those cities develop. People living in them enjoy it. If they are not cared for after a while, cities will be buried on the dusty shelves of history.” ” said.

Zhaseki emphasized that Turkey has two major difficulties and stated that one of them is seismicity and the other is the presence of sedition centers supported from abroad.

Zhaseki, who explained that a piece of southern Turkey was wanted to be taken away by foreign powers, noted the following:

“They want to establish a terrorist state and are trying to make it a part of the Arz-Mevud of the zionists in Israel. You all know those who support this. The conies, thousands of kilometers away, are the countries that seem to be friends and allies in the European Union. They all continue to support them. There was a time when they were such a march that they tried to establish a separate state there by hoisting rags as ‘flags’ and saying ‘we declared self-government’. Thank God, we fought hard with them and they ended. Now our cities are safe. Our towns. “Our villages, our mountains, our plains are safe. They will never rise up here again.”


Zhaseki pointed out that the USA and many European Union countries only think about their own interests and said the following:

“They bring blood, bombs and death wherever they go. Just like now. Now they continue to support the murderers. They cannot even say a ceasefire. They cannot say ‘children, do not kill women, do not bomb hospitals’. Where is the humanity in them? They know nothing but profit. They are everywhere. “We will say it. Thank God, our President is the only leader in the world who rebels against this oppression, warns wherever he goes, and wants these murderers to be condemned everywhere. We will continue to be the voice of truth until we die. No one should have any worries about this.”

Zhaseki noted that Turkey is an earthquake country and most of its territory is located in the first and second degree earthquake zone.

Pointing out that more than 70 percent of the population lives in these regions, Zhaseki continued as follows:

“In the last century, the number of devastating earthquakes with a magnitude of 6 or more was 60 in these lands. In other words, there are 1 or 2 severe, destructive earthquakes every year. The lines are also clear. The Northern Anatolian and Eastern Anatolian fault lines and the Aegean. Activity continues in the same places. What is it for us? Being smart, taking precautions and making our residences and workplaces safe. So, what is needed? Urban transformation. There are currently around 30 residences and 6 million workplaces in our country. Some of them are risky. We especially need to replace 2 million as soon as possible. “We need to carry out urban transformation in all our cities, especially in Istanbul, from beginning to end. Then we hit our knees.”


Referring to the urban transformation works planned in Istanbul, Zhaseki continued his speech as follows:

“They are leaving. ‘Sir, what you are doing is not urban transformation, it is profitable transformation.’ I said in the parliamentary budget commission, ‘Members of the Republican People’s Party, I ask you. You probably have 200-300 municipalities. Please let them start urban transformation, but for the sake of God, do not make profitable transformations. We do not want profitable transformation. Tell your municipal ministers to start doing so as soon as possible. All kinds of support. ‘I am ready to give in. As long as they prepare our houses for earthquakes.’ Come on, but unfortunately there are none. There are people here too who are obstructing us. I know it too. Friends, whoever is obstructing us is to blame. Please start again. Do the calculations from beginning to end. Let’s take the risk, too. We don’t start big projects easily. Because we are in an earthquake zone, but these places are the ones who are responsible. Let’s revive it again. Two earthquakes centered in Kahramanmara occurred 9 hours apart. 14 million people were affected, but there was damage in 18 provinces. There are around 680 thousand residences and 170 thousand workplaces that have to be demolished. In other words, 850 thousand independent units have to be demolished. Material “The damage is around 110 billion dollars. There is no measuring tool to measure the moral damage in China. You have lost your child. Your mother is gone, your wife is gone. Your loved ones are gone.”

Zhaseki, citing the work carried out by AK Party municipalities in the earthquake zone, said, “8-9 months have passed. The construction of more than 200 thousand houses continues. I hope we will deliver 40-50 thousand houses every month. Now we are building 100 thousand steel village houses. We have entered into a tender, “We will finish these houses in 6 months. Meanwhile, we promised 1.5 million lira support to the citizens who say ‘I will build my own house’.” said.

Mayor Mehmet Zeybek also stated that they were happy to give Uzun Çarşı, the center of commerce in the brand city Afyonkarahisar, a new look.

Governor Kbra Gran Yiitba and AK Party Afyonkarahisar Deputy Ali zkaya also spoke in the program.

Following the speeches, the Uzunçar Street Improvement Project was launched.

Zhaseki visited tradesmen and then visited the Governorship, Municipality and MHP Provincial Ministry.


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