2024 KIP College Quota Reaches 985,577 Students

2024 KIP College Quota Reaches 985,577 Students

Screenshot of Acting Head of Puslapdik Kemendikbudristek Abdul Kahar in the webinar “Socialization of Independent College KIP Registration” in Jakarta, Monday (12/2/2024). (BP/Ant)

JAKARTA, BALIPOST.com – The Independent College Smart Indonesia Card (KIP) quota for this year reaches 985,577 students. This was said by the Acting Head of the Education Financing Service Center (Puslapdik) of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology, Abdul Kahar.

“The KIP Kuliah Merdeka program for this year will target 985,577 recipients,” he said in the webinar “Socialization of KIP Kuliah Merdeka Registration” in Jakarta, quoted from the Antara news agency, Monday (12/2).

The total target of KIP Kuliah recipients is 985,577 people, consisting of 200,000 students receiving new KIP Kuliah and the remaining students receiving on-going KIP Kuliah and students receiving on-going tuition assistance.

To fulfill the KIP Kuliah quota of almost one million students, the party has allocated a budget of IDR 13.9 trillion.

He explained that later KIP Kuliah Merdeka recipients would get an exemption from registration fees for college entrance selection on the UTBK-SNBT route.

Apart from that, there are free registration fees from other selection routes by universities for KIP Kuliah Merdeka applicants who are included in the Integrated Social Welfare Data (DTKS) and/or receive social assistance programs according to PMK Number 4/PMK.02/2023.

He said, this year’s KIP Kuliah Merdeka recipients will receive education costs or tuition fees (UKT/SPP) paid directly into the college account and monthly living cost assistance transferred directly to the student’s account.

The amount is determined based on the calculation of the local price index for each university area. These funds will be given in five cluster amounts per month, namely IDR 800,000, IDR 950,000, IDR 1,100,000, IDR 1,250,000 and IDR 1,400,000.

This living cost assistance is entirely the student’s right to be used to meet various needs during college and cannot be used by universities for any additional costs.

Abdul said that providing KIP Kuliah was the government’s commitment to increasing access to primary, secondary and higher education in order to accelerate the development of superior human resources (HR).

He explained that superior human resources will be able to increase productivity, advance culture, and achieve prosperity towards a Golden Indonesia 2045. “This manifestation of commitment focuses on increasing human resource development,” he said. (Kmb/Balipost)


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