27 years of J.D. Pools “Overflowing Love” opens pool reservations during Valentine’s Day

27 years of J.D. Pools “Overflowing Love” opens pool reservations during Valentine’s Day

J.D. Pools celebrates its 27th anniversary with 18,000 pools, revealing the market is still growing in response to the tourism boom. Looking at China in 2024, it will definitely come with free permanent visas. Launching a campaign for Valentine’s Day, “Overflowing Love”. Reserve a pool today and get a free salt-robot system worth half a hundred thousand.

Mr. Thanusak Phuengdej, Chairman of the Executive Committee and Managing Director of J.D. Pools Company Limited, said that J.D. Pools has moved forward to its 27th year and has built more than 18,000 swimming pools, both sizes. Large like an Olympic pool, pools in hotels, condominiums, schools, and home swimming pools. Until it became a concept that “Create a pond, create happiness” It means getting a variety of benefits from exercise. health care and creating a family atmosphere

The price of building a swimming pool today is not as expensive as it was in the past. With construction technology and innovation combined with continuous development. Make J.D. Pools’ ready-made pool Fast construction It is durable and strong. Long warranty It has a natural pattern and texture. Thus helping to save on price and be able to construct according to the budget that the customer is satisfied with.

“J.D. Pools’ swimming pools have prices that can meet the needs of all levels of the private and private business sectors, including various government and local agencies, which today are already providing services, such as J.D. Pools’ standard pools. Provincial Administrative Organization and the school pool that the Subdistrict Administrative Organization takes care of,” Mr. Thanusak said.

Mr. Thanusak, as a swimming pool industry professional, also expressed his opinion that The swimming pool market is aligned with the tourism sector. If the tourism situation improves, it will also cause the swimming pool market to grow. In Thailand, the issue of pool villas must be pushed to grow because it will help attract more group A tourists with high purchasing power to travel. This year, the trend of tourism will continue to expand a lot, both from the Chinese market where the Thai-Chinese governments have an agreement to open permanent visa-free from March 1, 2024, and markets around the world that will flow in from the promotion of the field of sewing. Thailand’s Power Supply

On the occasion of celebrating its 27th anniversary, in line with the Valentine’s Day festival, J.D. Pools has organized a promotion. “Overflowing with love” for customers who reserve the pool today Receive a free Salt Chlorinator pool system or Active10 automatic pool cleaning robot from February 14-29, 2024. Hurry, limited quantity.

Healthy salt system, valued at 35,000-55,000 baht, is an innovation in water treatment with natural salt that automatically maintains water conditions. Make the swimming pool free from the use of chemicals Chlorine does not have a pungent smell, does not irritate the eyes, does not damage hair, and does not irritate the skin. The salt system swimming pool is suitable for children. or people who have respiratory allergy problems

Active10 automatic pool cleaning robot, valued at 36,800 baht, adds convenience. and the freedom of cleaning the pool automatically and safely. Ready to use whenever needed

J.D. Pools Company Limited was established in 1997 in Phuket Province. Be the pioneer in bringing new standards and new technology to Thailand’s swimming pool construction industry. Until now, there are 22 service centers throughout Thailand.

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