28 Reasons to fall in love at Off Off with Quartullo & Giarrusso

28 Reasons to fall in love at Off Off with Quartullo & Giarrusso

Atoff Off Theatre of Rome, from Tuesday 20 to Sunday 25 February 2024, is on stage 28 Reasons to fall in love by Jennifer Lane, directed by Fabrizio Coniglio. Protagonists Pino Quartullo and Roberta Giarrusso.

28 Reasons to fall in love at the theatre

36 questions (reduced by us to 28) to find out if two people can fall in love with each other or to understand if they have reasons to still be together. There would be many, according to a scientific study published by New York Times (edited by the psychologist Arthur Aron), the tests, the questions, that two people must overcome, each answering according to their own instincts and their own experiences, to find out if they have a real chance of being a couple.

Jennifer Lane’s theatrical text starts from this singular but scientific test on love affinities. The protagonists are a man and a woman, already husband and wife, but no longer together following an absolutely disruptive event in their married life.

Two spouses compared

One evening, on the eve of the divorce, two spouses meet at his house. She just wants her husband to sign the papers that will mark the end of their marriage forever, he, who in reality doesn’t think about divorcing at all, suggests that the woman he loves first undergo a test to confirm the solidity of their couple. Despite their separation and despite the very serious episode that separated them. After her initial rejection, the two protagonists decide to test themselves, almost as if they wanted to prove to themselves that after all, years before, they had brilliantly passed that test. Or maybe not.

Emotions, laughter, memories of the past, songs that linked them, fragments of life too soon forgotten and thrown away, will instead be recalled and relived by the two protagonists. Until the mysterious and painful event, which the protagonist doesn’t want to talk about, and which separated them drastically. Will the two be able to find each other in the end? And above all, will they be able to fall in love again?

A test for the public on couple affinities

Close dialogues and claims are the strength of this duo text, in which the tone of comedy never gives way to pain. Feelings, irony, passion, the distrust of someone who loved so much. Yet he feels defeated by the love and desperation of those who realize that it is impossible to rewind the tape of life, they are always on stage, alongside the two protagonists, whose game of questions and answers will also conquer and involve the audience in the room.

At the end of the show the theater company will offer the public a copy of the questionnaire to possibly test their relationship situation.

The show 28 Reasons to fall in love was presented with great success at the Borgio Verezzi 2023 festival. Pino Quartullo and Roberta Giarrusso have already worked together in Massimo Cappelli’s film And goodnightand at the theater in readings Love you to death by Margherita Romaniello (event against femicide).


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