5 districts were affected by adverse weather conditions in Kastamonu

5 districts were affected by adverse weather conditions in Kastamonu

In the written statement made by the governor’s office, it was stated that strong winds, storms and sometimes heavy rains were effective throughout the city on November 19.

In the statement, it was stated that Governor Meftun Dallı gave instructions to all institutions and organizations regarding this issue, and said, “Our Cide district, in particular, and Ağlı, Bozkurt, Küre and İhsangazi districts were affected by the adverse weather conditions, but no negativities were experienced in our city center and other districts.” The expression was used.

In the statement, it was reminded that there was a collapse on the road in the Derebucağı village road of Cide and the Gebeş District location on the Cide-Bartın highway, and it was stated that there was no disruption in transportation.

– 3 boats sank due to the storm

It was stated in the statement that a total of 3 boats sank due to the storm, 2 in the Cide Central Port area and 1 in the İlyasbey Fishing Shelter, and the following was noted:

“A business located in the area of ​​Rıfat Ilgaz Vocational School was flooded, and no negative reports were received in other businesses in the district. Sakızcılar, Kestanesökü, Kızılcaelma group village roads in our Bozkurt district, the roads of 5 settlements in our Ağlı district and 4 villages in our Küre district. The group road has been closed and the necessary intervention is being made by the Special Provincial Administration teams to open the closed village roads to transportation. Power outages occur in some of our villages in some of our districts, and the necessary precautions are taken by our relevant institutions. All included in the Turkey Disaster Response Plan (TAMP). “Public institutions are on alert to respond to any negativities.”


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