5 million people suffer from emergency level hunger in Sudan

5 million people suffer from emergency level hunger in Sudan

Graaff made evaluations by attending the weekly press conference of the United Nations (UN) Geneva Office online.

Reminding that 10 months have passed since the conflict started in Sudan, Graaff stated that this process has dragged the country into an advanced humanitarian crisis.

Stating that the mass displacement of civilians continues as the conflicts spread to new regions, Graaf said that the largest displacement crisis in the world is occurring in Sudan with 8 million people.

Stating that displaced people generally find shelter in overcrowded areas where there is no access to water, sanitation, food and the most basic health services, Graaf said, “Approximately 25 million people in Sudan are in need of humanitarian aid. 18 million people are faced with acute hunger and 5 million people are in emergency situations.” “It’s a state-level shock.” said.

Drawing attention to the relationship between the disease and malnutrition, Graaf emphasized that pregnant women and children are especially affected more than patients.

– Civil war in Sudan

Sudan has been the scene of violent clashes between the army under the command of the Minister of Sovereignty Council, General Abdulfettah al-Burhan, and the Rapid Support Forces (HDK) since mid-April 2023.

HDK and the army took over the government after the popular uprising in December 2018 and took part in the government formed with the participation of civilians after the overthrow of President Mer al-Beir, who remained in power for nearly 30 years, in April 2019, and organized a coup together against the civilian government in 2021. .

The civil war broke out in mid-April after the army and HDK fell out over the issue of HDK’s integration into the army within the scope of military and security reform.

According to the UN, more than 13 thousand people lost their lives as a result of the conflicts in Sudan, where the world’s largest displacement crisis took place, 6 million people fled to other cities within the country, and 1.7 million people fled to surrounding countries.


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