7.4 earthquake in Taiwan: nine dead and 821 injured

7.4 earthquake in Taiwan: nine dead and 821 injured


A strong 7.4 magnitude earthquake has damaged buildings in Taiwan, causing at least nine deaths and 821 injuries. The earthquake, according to the US Geological Survey, was recorded southwest of Hualien, at a depth of 35 kilometers. Another 127 people were trapped, 77 are stuck in the tunnels under the Jinwen and Daqinqshui mountains.

In this east coast city a five-story building suffered serious damage, the building tilted 45 degrees and the first floor collapsed. In the capital Taipei, tiles fell from older buildings and inside some newer office complexes. Schools evacuated their students to sports fields, equipping them with yellow protective helmets. Many young children also wore motorcycle helmets to protect themselves from falling objects during the constant aftershocks. Rail service was suspended across the island of 23 million people, with Taipei subway services also halted.

The head of the earthquake monitoring bureau, Wu Chien-fu, said the effects had been detected as far away as Kinmen, an island off the coast of China. Several aftershocks were felt in Taipei. Fear also in Japan where there was a tsunami warning. According to the local meteorological agency, waves no higher than 30 centimeters caused by the earthquake in Taiwan affected the coast of Yonaguni and the islands of Ishigaki and Miyako.

The strongest earthquake in the last 25 years in Taiwan

It was the strongest earthquake in the last 25 years. The earthquake also triggered the alarm in neighboring countries. Residents of China’s Fujian region reported violent tremors. Residents of the northern coast of the Philippines were asked to evacuate due to tsunami risk, however, three hours after the earthquake no large rogue waves reached the area.

China: “Willing to provide assistance”

Zhu Fenglian, spokesperson for the Chinese Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, expressed Beijing’s concern over the earthquake that hit Taiwan and sent a message of condolence to “Taiwan compatriots affected by the disaster”. He added that China is willing “to provide assistance in the event of a disaster.” The Global Times reports it.


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