9.7 million tons of dates are produced by 200 million palm trees around the world annually

9.7 million tons of dates are produced by 200 million palm trees around the world annually

The Minister of Environment saidH And waterH And agricultureH Engineer Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Mohsen Al FadlDuring Role meetingH the thirdH For the council MembersThe Council of NationsY For dates, AltY It was established inY The capitalH Riyadh, It is a farmerH Palms occupy a placeH Prominent in the Kingdom; so Estimated surveyorH theOverallYH PlantedH With palm trees on “1.5” million hectares, it embraces more Of the 200 million palm trees, 9.7 million tons of dates are produced annually, most of which are datesY LogicH The Eastmid And north AfricaHey.

This came during a speechH Your ExcellencyH Today at the meeting, with a participantH In the presence of a number of agricultural ministers and a representativeY Number of producing countriesH And the importerH For dates onYes flatYes The Arab homelandY And the world.

Maal explainedY Engineer Al-FadlY During my speechH That exports production DatesY Produced by “40” countriesH Around the world, there were “1.8” million tons of dates, with valuesH “2.3” billion dollars.

And noH Your ExcellencyH With government supportH KingdomH To thinkH Establishment of the International CouncilY For dates, the boot meeting was hostedY For the Council FY 2011, the 2013 meeting, and the preparation meetingY For the Council FY 2019, and also sponsored the meetingEstablishingY FY February 2021, addition to Take charge of my budgetH The center extendsH Two years metyen To be renewed by $4 millionY General.

He stressed that the palm and dates sector is enjoying good resultsYes Most importantH economicH And socialH And culturalH Great; so Dates are one of the most prominent agricultural crops to achieve…security FoodY And developmentH AgriculturalH sustainable, and enhance livelihoodsH Farmers and rural communities, providing job opportunities and sources of income. Remarkable to That manufacturing industriesH For palm trees and dates one The most important industries globally, and they vary between foodsH Feed and medical productsH And cosmeticH And building materials.

His Excellency notedH to The palm and date sector is facingH A number of challenges, including climate change, the spread of diseases and pests, and the decline in the global consumption of dates; so It arrives to “150 grams/ individual”, high post-harvest losses, and competitor problemsH Trade barriers, poor diversification, and qualityH And marketing.

He stressed that it was to overcome thisH challenges, and to maximize the advantages of this vital sector, the International Council was establishedY For dates; To coordinate efforts and global cooperation; To supportH, And develop capabilitiesH Competitiveness.

WfY The conclusion of his statement was stated by MaalY Minister Al-FadlY That’s organizedH The most nourishingH And agricultureH SubordinateH OfUmmm UnitedH “FAO” adopted -FY StepH Proactive – Kingdom’s proposalH Regarding the adoption of ageH internationalH For date palms for the year 2027 AD; To raise the levelYes AwarenessY Bcontribution Palm and dates sectorY Achieving developmentH AgriculturalH RuralH SustainableH Andsecurity Food… hoping that this meeting will contribute to…Y Adopting decisions, ensuring that you are judgedH solidH To the Council, and it is possibleH from performance RoleH EfficientlyH High.


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