9 rules that must be followed by the children of the British royal family — UNIAN

9 rules that must be followed by the children of the British royal family — UNIAN

Royal life has its advantages, but its responsibilities are probably much greater.

As you know, there is always a certain etiquette for officials, which they must follow in public and during official meetings. But in the case of the British royal family, strict etiquette extends even to small children. And even when the lenses of photo and video cameras are not aimed at them.

The Independent publication counted at least 9 mandatory rules that even very young children from this clan must adhere to.

Boys must wear shorts, not pants, until a certain age

You have probably seen the photo of the eldest son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George, in shorts. In fact, this is not his personal choice and not even the desire of his parents. Royal etiquette says that trousers are usually intended for older boys and adult men.

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While Prince George’s younger brother, Prince Louis, still has many years to wear shorts, seven-year-old Prince George will probably start wearing long pants when he turns eight.

Most gifts cannot be stored

The children of the royal family receive gifts more often than others, but this does not bring them much joy. Like other members of the royal family, royal children are not allowed to keep most of the gifts, because all gifts are received “on behalf” of the queen.

This means that Prince George was hardly allowed to keep most of the 774 gifts he received in 2014 alone – the first anniversary of his birthday.

However, if the gift is small, such as a bouquet of flowers, it is more likely that the royal recipient will be allowed to keep it.

Meetings with foreign leaders are usually prohibited

Prince George didn’t let protocol stop him from meeting former US President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama in 2016. However, then his parents helped him in this. But welcoming world leaders and foreign high-ranking guests is usually forbidden for royal children.

Learning a second language is expected

Although there is no official rule that royal children must learn a second language, most of them do, and Princess Charlotte can speak English and Spanish by the age of two thanks to her nanny Maria Turrion Borralo, who is originally from Spain.

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Prince George also speaks this language, and the Duchess of Cambridge previously said that her eldest son could count to 10 in Spanish at the age of four.

Children must be trained in etiquette

Royal children are distinguished by a rather restrained behavior in public, and this, of course, is not due to innate decency. It’s just that they all have to undergo etiquette training at an early age. According to people in the know, learning begins “as soon as they are old enough to sit at the table.”

The children should bow down and bow to the queen

Like any other member of the royal family, royal children follow protocol in greeting the monarch.

Although the etiquette is not as strict when they are younger, royal expert Marlene Koenig said that royal children should bow or make a slight bow if they are at least 5 years old.

Outdoor games in any weather

According to experts, in addition to learning a foreign language, Cambridge children must also adhere to a strict schedule that includes daily outdoor games.

And regardless of the weather – at least on a clear sunny day, at least in the rain.

You cannot travel together with other heirs to the throne

One of the rules that Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis and their parents actually break quite often is the protocol that the heirs to the throne are not allowed to travel together.

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However, every time such a departure from the rules, the prince’s family must receive direct permission from the monarch. According to the representative of the royal press service, the opportunity to travel together is “something the queen has the last word about.”

No preservatives or packaged products on the menu

It is not entirely clear to what extent this is precisely a “rule” and not a consequence of the fact that the royal family simply has the opportunity to constantly ask for the most natural and delicious dishes prepared for them by professional chefs.

“I’ve definitely never seen packaged food around the royal children. Why would they buy packaged food when the Queen has 20 personal chefs?” – once admitted Darren McGrady, former chef of Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana and Princes William and Harry.

Other materials about the British royal family

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