A busy November awaits Coahuila deputies

A busy November awaits Coahuila deputies


For local deputies, the busiest month of the year will be November. The governor is expected to present his Sixth Results Report between November 9 and 15 Miguel Riquelme. But logically, the cabinet’s appearances in its last intervention in front of the members of the current legislature will immediately follow. That month, the 2024 economic package will also surely arrive, from the offices of Blas Flores. Because it is an atypical year, due to the closure of the administration, the package must be almost ready and delivered before the end of Riquelme’s six-year term. Manolo Jimenez He takes office on December 1, and on those dates the deputies will also be reviewing the income laws of the municipalities.


Without Claudia Sheinbaum, the dark-skinned people of Coahuila who participated in the pre-, pre-campaign stage, although they disguise it as a process for coordinator of the Defense Committee, are going to meet. They say that they want to close ranks and give another face when the former head of Government of Mexico City comes, which will be soon. What remains are the egos, Everyone wants to be generals and no one wants to water the horses as troops.

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There in General Cepeda – say the inhabitants – the re-election of Pablo Salas and in one of those, even the Salas family came to power. Since the three-year term of Juan, the first of the Salas, who came to power, there have been complaints of alleged dispossession by members of the family. Now they resurface, but they allege that Pablo outwitted his brother Juan, because to put pressure on the more than 30 families who complain about the same, is cutting off their water. He also sends inspectors to intimidate them. The matter has to do, some allege, with keeping the greatest number of properties through other blood and political relatives. Pablo is very quiet, but he knows that he will soon become relaxed with people.


Rather than promising to investigate NL Technologies’ contracts with the municipality of Ramos Arizpe, Edna Davalos -they assure- he should excuse himself from knowing about the subject, give his opinion and better step aside. Nobody accuses, but Ricardo Aguirreher husband, was the mayor of this city when acquired the commitment to provide public lighting services, agreed for 20 years.


Although distant, because it is more immersed in the political life of the country’s capital, Antonio Attolini He promotes himself on social networks as a deputy of Coahuila (elected). However, the ill-wishers say of him, If they give you a test about local characters and politics, you just don’t pass. It would be enough to ask him who the current mayors of Morena in the state are, to know that his interest is to reach national politics. For this reason, some insist, “Toño” should run as a federal deputy or senator of the republic, so that you can fulfill your true dreams. By the way, he knows the state and the Morenistas themselves well.


As in the Morena de Raffle Mario Delgado Everyone participates and anyone can win, there is enthusiasm among the militancy. Any, and it’s no story, it can reach the Chamber of Deputies, just for the simple fact of registering and complying with the requirements of the call, which are really minimal. Some criticize, and others praise, the raffle, but in the end it works to have faithful militancy.


What will they be up to? Eleazar Bazua and Mario Ricardo Hernandez del Bosque? They’ve been seen getting together, pouring Canadian franchise coffee. The intrigue arises because the two are practically outside the political groups that make decisions at the moment. Mario wanted to run for the mayor of Ramos Arizpe, but he has thought things through well and it is just not enough for him. He doesn’t even do lotteries like the repentant PRI member – now dark-skinned – Gerardo Covarrubias. For his part, Bazúa’s years of being listened to attentively are over. They say that he knows about the political framework, but now With the new blood that will be in charge it will be outdated.


Those who ignored the call to unite with the Brown Burros of the ITS in their sit-in – they say – were the teachers of the Faculty of Jurisprudence of Alfonso Yanez. It was obvious, many are public servants, and they got the VIP balcony at the last concert, It would be incongruous to express any kind of support.


For the inauguration that the governor did Miguel RiquelmeMayor Chema Fraustro and the elected governor, Manolo Jimenez, from Paseo Capital, received favorable comments during a business event. And the businessmen of the region see the pedestrian area of ​​the Historic Center of Saltillo as the beginning of an area of ​​leisure, commerce and recreation for local families and visitors, as there is in other capitals of Mexico. In addition, having areas like this is also an incentive to attract companies. They even say Now the obligatory photo of the visit to Saltillo will be the desert rider and Victoria Street.


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