A conversation with a murderer who wished to follow in the footsteps of Vahid Moradi + crime film

A conversation with a murderer who wished to follow in the footsteps of Vahid Moradi + crime film

online citizenship; clue:A 55-year-old man with a history of evil committed a crime in March of last year and decided to flee the country, but he did not think that a human trafficker would turn out to be a fraudster and steal all his capital. A few days after the crime, the young killer sent a message to all the children in his neighborhood and spread rumors that he had fled to Turkey. For this reason, he was wanted by Interpol, but after 8 months, his traces were found in Saadat Abad and he was arrested last Sunday night in a surprise operation. On the order of Judge Mohammad Mehdi Baraeh, the investigator of the third branch of the Tehran Criminal Prosecutor’s Office, he was given to the agents of the 10th Directorate of the Tehran Intelligence Police for further investigation and revealed the details of the crime he had committed.

bAfter 8 months of escaping and living in secret, you have been arrested, did you think that you will finally be caught by the police?

However, the moon does not always stay behind the clouds. On the other hand, I didn’t think that the police was still chasing me and arresting me. Because I had told everyone that I escaped from Iran and fled to Turkey. During this time, I did not have a relationship with anyone and did not see any of my children. Everyone thought I was in Turkey. For this reason, I used to travel to and from Tehran safely, hoping that the police would look for me on the other side of the border and wait for me to return to Iran.

Does that mean you didn’t intend to leave the country at all?

Why. By the way, after the accident, I wanted to escape to Turkey, but I got caught by a charlatan and my life changed. Let me explain to you from the beginning. After the murder I committed, I decided to leave Iran. I met a person in one of the cities of Ardabil who said that there is smuggling. I had heard his praise from the children and they said that his work is unbelievable and that he can smuggle anyone out of the country. I was even told that his main clients are criminals and he has let many murderers and fraudsters escape from Iran. When I heard this, I went to him. I was supposed to deposit 200 million tomans into his account so that he can take me out of the border. This money was not enough for me. I put all the capital I had into his account, and I was supposed to go to the zero point of the border the next day so that his contact would pass me across the Iranian border and transfer me to Turkey, but when I went, there was no news from his contact. Whenever I called the human trafficker, his cell phone was switched off. He disappeared and did not appear again. He was a professional fraudster who took all my money out of my hands and ran away.

Didn’t you look for it?

Can I not look for that person in that sensitive situation? I was a fugitive murderer who could be caught and imprisoned at any moment. I knew that the punishment for murder is revenge and I didn’t want to die. I wanted to get out of the border anyway. I looked for him a lot, but I did not find him. As if it had melted and gone underground.

What did you do after your efforts didn’t work?

I sent a message to all my local children and friends and told them to make me halal. I left Iran. The news spread to everyone and spread around the place that someone had escaped from Iran.

eWhat was the purpose of this work?

I thought that by doing this, the police in Iran will no longer look for me. I wanted to make the police think that I fled to Turkey and not pursue my case, but I thought wrong.

Let’s go back to the day of the crime, what happened that you committed murder that day?

I knew the victim. We used to sing together before. Both on site and online. That day, we were standing near a smoothing shop with my friend and talking. The victim passed me several times with a Cerato car, and then a fight started between us.

Did you get into a fight because he drove past you?

It wasn’t just that. Honestly, some time ago, one of my friends told me that the victim talks behind your back. I sent him a message and gave him an ultimatum to finish his work. But he did not listen. On the day of the incident, apparently, the victim had gone to a liver shop with his friends, and then he drove past me in a car and looked at me from side to side, which made me disbelieve and went to him.

Is the knife always with you?

I’m big and I must always have a knife with me.

Did you commit a crime just because the victim talked behind your back?

I wanted everyone to know that I am the big guy of that place and no one has the right to talk behind my back. If one person dared to talk behind my back, others would not consider me as the elder of Javadiyah. I wanted to be like Vahid Moradi, Hani Karde and many other big names, and my name would be on the tongue. I always followed their life story.

Does your file show that you have a history?

They call me level one thugs. I have been imprisoned twice for the crime of conflict. Because of friendship, I got into a fight and was arrested and imprisoned.

How old was the victim?

I think he was about 40 years old. Of course, I should also say that he also sings a lot for me. Even in the virtual space, we used to sing to each other and make jokes together.

How many stabs did you kill him?

I think about 18 shots. At that time I was very angry and hit like crazy, but later I regretted what I did. Because I didn’t think I would kill the victim with 18 stab wounds!

Have you seen the conflict movie?

Today, the police officer showed me at the information office. As if I was not normal at that time. I was hitting like crazy.

dWhere have you been for these 8 months?

I went to Ardabil and Mako several times. Then I returned to Tehran. I was at my relative’s house and I used to go around without anyone seeing me. I cover my face with a mask so that I don’t lose my dignity. That is, if someone saw me, he would be humiliated. Everyone understood that I spread rumors and that I am not from Türkiye.

Do you have an addiction?

No, I only take tramadol sometimes.

Apparently, you were also an athlete?

I worked in bodybuilding. Well, I had to exercise to have a strong body. So that everyone can count on me.

But you’ve lost weight while you’ve been living a secret life, right?

Because I was eating less. I was not in good condition. I was stressed. I had lost all my money. I was worried about my family.

So do you have a family?

I have two sons who I know were very hurt during this time.

Are your children evil like you?

No, but they will also follow in their father’s footsteps so that all the places will count on them.

Now you have achieved what you wanted, do you think that everyone is counting on you now?

No, I didn’t want to be a murderer. There is no murder in our mind. If we get involved, we will not seriously harm anyone. I hope the victim’s family will forgive me and forgive me. I did not want to mourn a family at all.

Didn’t you feel guilty during this time?

If you ask a murderer if he has any remorse after the crime, he cannot say no. Anyone who takes a human life, even if with a plan and a plan in advance, still feels a sense of guilt after the crime, which robs him of peace. I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since my hands were covered in blood. This feeling of guilt was always with me and will remain.


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