A failed and outlaw state

A failed and outlaw state

CARACAS.– The bad policies and practices of the Chavista-Madurista regime installed since 1998 have placed the country in a regrettable situation that has led us to the greatest crisis in our history. They have made Venezuela a bankrupt, indebted, destroyed, ruined State, immersed in a complex humanitarian emergency, as international organizations have defined it, marked by unimaginable levels of corruption.

The regime has turned Venezuela into an outlaw State, disrespectful of the legal order and the rules and principles regulating international relations. Not only are they accused of engaging in transnational criminal activities, in territory where irregular groups operate, but also for repeatedly failing to comply with their international commitments and obligations. Furthermore, failed for not controlling the entire territory that has been ceded to guerrilla groups, extremist Islamists and gangs dedicated to drug trafficking and illegal mining. Today we are pointed out as a country that systematically and widely violates human rightscivil and political rights and economic, social and cultural rights.

The regime negotiates agreements and, to evade compliance, resorts to means of interpretation full of cynicism, the product of ups and downs and setbacks, the violation of which is now clear, which has been condemned by the international community and multilateral organizations. Non-compliance is seen as an obstacle to the change that the vast majority of Venezuelans aspire to, through free, competitive, fair elections, in which we all participate as voters and those who have legitimacy to present themselves, as Maria Corina Machadocandidate chosen in clear and transparent primaries.

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