A Fazenda 15: Lily Nobre wins the fire test – 11/21/2023 – A Fazenda 15

A Fazenda 15: Lily Nobre wins the fire test – 11/21/2023 – A Fazenda 15

Rio de Janeiro

Lily Nobre won this week’s A Fazenda 15 fire test. This Monday (20), the singer defeated Radamés Furlan and Alícia X in a water dispute and was left with the powers of the lamp in the next field. The pair went straight to the stall and ended up pulling Tonzão Chagas and André Gonçalves, respectively, to the headquarters’ external dormitory.

In the activity, pedestrians dived into a water tank and had to “rescue” nine fish caught on hooks in an aquarium and place them on a mural and place them in their respective models. Whoever completed the entire route in less time would win the race and Lily beat Radamés by seconds. Adriana Bombom’s daughter won the ninth fire test.

Shortly before the dispute, Adriane Galisteu revealed the power chosen by the public for the winner of the Fire Test. The power of the Orange Flame was chosen by the public changes the dynamics of voting. Free from the house vote and pulled to the farm by the participant with the most votes from the house, this time, the resident of the bay will also be able to be voted for the position of second farm boy.

The power of the White Flame will only be revealed live this Tuesday (21), during the formation of the field. Farmer of the week, Jaquelline Grohalski will send someone straight to the hot seat.


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