A girl in Buon Ma Thuot was hit by a falling pine tree and died

A girl in Buon Ma Thuot was hit by a falling pine tree and died

TPO – Despite being actively treated, the girl who was hit by a falling tree did not survive. Before the accident, this girl was selling flowers on the sidewalk, serving on February 14.

On the afternoon of February 13, news from the Central Highlands General Hospital (Dak Lak), the victim who was hit by a falling tree this morning died and was taken home by his family to take care of the funeral.

That is Ms. NTHT (17 years old, residing in Tan Thanh ward, Buon Ma Thuot city, Dak Lak). According to hospital leaders, the victim was brought in at 11:40 a.m. on February 13, in a very complicated state of multiple injuries; no pulse, no blood pressure…

Despite being treated very actively by emergency doctors, he could not survive. The patient was brought home by his family at around 11:30 the same day.

Before that, around 9 a.m. on February 13, a conifer tree in the grounds of Buon Ma Thuot Bishop’s Palace (No. 104 Phan Chu Trinh, Thang Loi Ward, Buon Ma Thuot City), suddenly fell.

Part of the tree trunk fell onto Phan Chu Trinh street and hit Ms. T. who was selling flowers on Valentine’s Day February 14 on the sidewalk.

When taken to the emergency room, Ms. T. lay motionless. After that, she was taken to the emergency room at Thien Hanh General Hospital with a traumatic brain injury, chest injury, spinal injury and many injuries to her arms and legs from falling trees. However, due to a very serious illness, Ms. T. was transferred to Central Highlands General Hospital.

Scene of the incident

Mr. Dao Cong Thach – Head of the Urban Management Department of Buon Ma Thuot City (Dak Lak) said that the tree that fell on the girl mentioned above was located in the Bishop’s Palace of Buon Ma Thuot, so the authorities could not proactively check. tree canopy pruning…

However, before that, Buon Ma Thuot City People’s Committee also sent a document to organizations and individuals with trees to be proactive in pruning and beautifying, especially during Tet, rainy and windy seasons…

A girl in Buon Ma Thuot was hit by a falling pine tree and died. Photo 2

The pine tree was uprooted

As soon as receiving information about the fallen tree, Buon Ma Thuot City Urban Management Department contacted Dak Lak Urban and Environment Joint Stock Company to handle it and avoid traffic jams; At the same time, notify the People’s Committee of Thang Loi ward to coordinate and direct the Buon Ma Thuot Bishop’s Court to handle the case of the injured person.

A girl in Buon Ma Thuot was hit by a falling pine tree and died photo 3

The electrical wiring system was also affected by falling pine trees

Mr. Thach added that now is the windy season with local tornadoes. This tornado phenomenon is more intense than previous years. Therefore, the city has also directed the inspection and pruning of trees to ensure safety and avoid unfortunate incidents.

Huynh Thuy


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