A lawsuit was filed against 5 people regarding the building collapsed in the earthquake in Izmir.

A lawsuit was filed against 5 people regarding the building collapsed in the earthquake in Izmir.

In the case regarding the Rza Bey Apartment, which has been going on for 3 years at the Izmir 5th High Criminal Court and where 15 suspects were tried, the plaintiff’s lawyers filed a criminal complaint against some suspects who claimed that they were negligent in the construction of the building. Thereupon, an investigation was launched.

Izmir Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, within the scope of the investigation, .K, the official of the architecture-engineering company, C.. and ST, the officials of the construction materials company that performs epoxy injection (repairing the cracks in the structures with filling material), and M..Y., the civil engineer who worked in this company and allegedly carried out the process. and received the defense of E.P., one of the flat owners who approved the unauthorized renovation.

In his defense, .K claimed that ASB, one of the defendants of the case, the architectural project designer and technical responsible architect of the building, drew the project of the apartment building, but the letterhead of the company for which he was authorized was used.

Stating that the project did not come his way in any way, .K argued that the responsibility belonged to ASB.

C.. and ST stated that the repair of the cracks that occurred in Rza Bey Apartment after the earthquake in 2003 was carried out by the company they are authorized and partners with, and that these operations were carried out by M..Y., who works as the responsible civil engineer in their company. He claimed that it was carried out by.

M..Y. He also claimed that he did not have signature authority at the building material company, and that he had signed the letterhead proposal given to repair the cracks in the apartment building with epoxy injection, but he was not in the building in question during the repair.

EP, however, rejected the allegations.

The public prosecutor who conducted the investigation prepared an indictment against 5 people, charging them with “causing the death and injury of more than one person through conscious negligence” and demanding imprisonment of up to 22 years and 6 months. The indictment was accepted by the Izmir 5th High Criminal Court and was combined with the ongoing main case file.

The public prosecutor’s evaluation included the following statements:

“Suspect .K is the official of the company that provided project and architectural services during the construction of Rza Bey Apartment and is responsible for the deficiencies in the project design and the inadequacy in the supervision. Suspects C.. and ST are the officials and partners of the construction materials company. M..Y. He also worked as a responsible civil engineer in this company. Therefore, it was concluded and concluded that the suspects were responsible for the deaths and injuries that occurred in the building that collapsed in the earthquake due to their unplanned, unauthorized and uncontrolled repairs with epoxy injection to the structural system elements of the apartment building in 2003. The suspect EP was also the carrier of the building. It has been concluded that he was responsible for being in the committee established for the purpose of carrying out project-free, unauthorized and uncontrolled repairs with epoxy injection to the system elements and contributing to the carrying out of these repairs. Despite this, it was understood that they acted contrary to the legislation and construction technique.”


36 people lost their lives and 17 people were injured in the Rza Bey Apartment building, which collapsed in the earthquake on October 30, 2020 in Izmir. He was sentenced to 22 years and 6 months in prison against 13 defendants for “causing the death and injury of more than one person through conscious negligence”, alleging that they were responsible for the collapse of the building.

A lawsuit was filed against 2 municipal officials of the period at the 13th Criminal Court of First Instance, requesting a prison sentence of 6 months to 2 years for “abuse of duty”, and the number of defendants increased to 15 after the Izmir Regional Court of Justice decided to combine this file with the main case.

The detained defendants were released under judicial control during the trial process, and there were no detained defendants left in the case.


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