A man dies in his home and his mother, an invalid, dies days later from hunger and thirst

A man dies in his home and his mother, an invalid, dies days later from hunger and thirst

Agents of the National Police have found the bodies of a middle-aged man and his elderly mother in an advanced state of decomposition but with no signs of violence in a home in the Madrid neighborhood of Aluche, a spokeswoman for the Higher Headquarters has informed Europa Press. of the Madrid Police.

It was the neighbors of these two people, who lived together in a house on Ocaña Street, who called the emergency services because they had not seen them on the street for a long time and a strong unpleasant smell was coming from their home. Besides, no one had opened the door for a long time.

Several firefighters from the City Council arrived at the place last Saturday at 9:15 a.m. and forced the door to access the house. Inside they found the bodies of a 54-year-old man and that of the mother he was caring for, an 87-year-old woman.

The national police who also entered the house verified that the bodies had possibly been dead for several weeks, as they showed signs of decomposition. They also warned that a priori, pending what the autopsy determined, they had no signs of violent death.

The first hypotheses suggest that the son would have died of natural causes or some domestic accident. His body was in the kitchen with a large gash in his head. Thus, the man could have slipped and fallen in this room and suffered severe head trauma, which would have caused him to die.

The mother would have died days later due to lack of food and water intake, according to the first data reported by the newspaper ‘ABC’. And the old woman was disabled, she barely moved out of bed and needed food and care for her son. Both bodies were removed after the arrival of the forensic judge and transferred to the Institute of Legal Medicine.


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