A miner who was buried in Neves-Corvo died

A miner who was buried in Neves-Corvo died

The worker who was buried this afternoon in the Neves-Corvo mine, in the municipality of Castro Verde, died. The miner ended up not resisting, after the roof of the gallery in which he was operating collapsed.

Confirmation was given to Expresso by Albino Pereira, president of the Mining Industry Union.

“A large block of stone fell onto the machine that the worker was operating”, said the union leader. At the moment “they are using other machines to demolish the block in order to remove the body, which will not be easy as the machine cabin is completely deformed”, added Albino Pereira.

The union leader recalls that “the union has been raising awareness about safety issues for over a year, and little has been done”.

Each worker “is at the bottom of the mine for ten hours, doing exhausting and exhausting work”, describes Albino Pereira.

Some miners, interviewed by Expresso, report the “lack of accident investigation”: “We don’t even know if the intervention brigade is properly formed, trained and has the resources”.

According to the union, in the last 5 years alone there have been eight deaths and one injured.

1,300 workers work at the Neves Corvo mine, in addition to subcontractors, along with many other miners.

The Mining Industry Workers Union went on strike last year demanding better safety conditions.

The miners, anonymously, report that “in some cases, those responsible for safety collude with the administration and always go unpunished in all accidents”.

Expresso tried, unsuccessfully, to hear Carlos Graça, director of the Authority for Working Conditions, in Beja.

The miners also report the entry of miners “with little training”. “Sadly, in the 21st century, people continue to die in the mines in Portugal. People arrive and it’s like ‘get a helmet and boots and go to the mine’”, they say.

The majority of accidents, according to the Mining Industry Union, result from landslides.

The Somincor mine, which has not yet made statements, has an ongoing program to increase production, with an increase in zinc production that is expected to reach 130,000 tons this year. From 2025 to 2026, zinc exploration, company documents reveal, should reach 140,000 and 150,000 tons, respectively.

In 2023, the mine processed 108,812 tons of zinc, an increase of 26,377 tons compared to the ore produced in 2022.


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