A Muscovite who was going to send money to swindlers was hit by a car | Incidents

A Muscovite who was going to send money to swindlers was hit by a car |  Incidents

A Moscow resident who succumbed to the scammers’ trick and headed to an ATM to transfer the required amount was hit by a car, writes the Telegarm channel Baza.

It all started when, on November 13, a certain Olga wrote to a 67-year-old woman via messenger and warned her about a call from the FSB. After some time, she actually received a call; the interlocutor introduced himself as Vadim Viktorovich Kupriyanov. He stated that the woman transferred money to an organization banned in Russia. The next day, another caller introduced himself as an employee of the Central Bank and advised her to apply for a loan for 1.1 million rubles, and then transfer the amount to a safe account. However, when the woman was walking to the ATM, she was hit by a car.

True, the scammers still decided to finish what they started. A “grandmother” came straight to the Botkin hospital to see the victim and took the money from the woman.

Earlier it was reported that in Moscow, law enforcement officers are investigating the circumstances of the theft of 11.7 million rubles from a 66-year-old city woman by fraudsters. The pensioner allegedly received a call from her sister and said that she had been in an accident while crossing the road in the wrong place. According to the caller, the driver of the car that hit her was seriously injured and asked for money for treatment.

Let us also recall that in Moscow, scammers stole about 450 thousand rubles from the Honored Artist of Russia Igor Lemeshev.


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