A radical legislator assured that “if the Government stopped spending, Córdoba would not be dependent on the Nation”

A radical legislator assured that “if the Government stopped spending, Córdoba would not be dependent on the Nation”

In the midst of the fight between the Nation and the Government of Córdoba over the removal of the transportation compensation fund, radical legislator Miguel Nicolás asked Governor Martín Llaryora to stop making “sumptuous expenses” and assured that he could not depend on national funds if will direct the games.

“As the opposition, we have been warning about this for a long time. If Governor Llaryora made the firm decision to adjust the superfluous expenses with those that have been supporting his governments and now intends to support his image, the economic and social reality of Córdoba would be absolutely different,” he stated.

“The governor of Córdoba must redirect the spending of billions of pesos and other sumptuous expenses, thus the reality of Córdoba and the dependence on the Nation would be totally different,” he insisted.

“The expenses of the Government of Córdoba have been the reason for hundreds of requests for reports from the opposition, so that the province has an austere and responsible administration, without having obtained a positive response to our claim for more than 20 years. The discretionary management that it also carries out towards the municipalities is evident, using the shared resources of all Cordobans, co-opting official and non-official supporters, which has a more political than social purpose,” he said.

The radical legislator’s statements came after the fight on social networks between President Javier Milei and Governor Llaryora over the sending of funds from the Nation to the Province.

“Córdoba urgently needs a responsible, austere administration with a deep social vision about the crisis we are experiencing. These are not times to waste the resources of all the people of Córdoba on trips with luxury planes, in new organic structures, with 14 ministries and 10 agencies, which swell the personnel lists of the province, adjusting the people of Córdoba to the most expensive taxes in the world. country,” said Nicolás.

“Public spending must be redirected to critical areas such as health, education and security. The Llaryora Government is concerned about raising taxes by more than 100% adjustable every 30 days, to continue spending irresponsibly, while having the staff in all those areas with salaries below the poverty line,” he added.

He also pointed to the 2024 budget items. “If the budget that was approved in the Legislature is not real, if the spending and resource proposal are not real, does Córdoba have a drawn budget? So we are in the hands of a Government that is irresponsible in its way of prioritizing spending,” he expressed.


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