“A shift in the strategic era”: the army chief of staff says he is “concerned” about wars

“A shift in the strategic era”: the army chief of staff says he is “concerned” about wars


His words are not really reassuring. The Chief of Staff of the Army Pierre Schill expressed this Wednesday morning on France Culture his “concern” about “the rise of conflicts in the world”. “I believe very deeply that we are experiencing a shift in the strategic era,” he added, affirming that he was “lucky” to “live in a peaceful country” in which it is possible to “ weigh on our destiny.

“The period that opened with the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Warsaw Pact 30 years ago is closing and a new era is opening,” Pierre Schill also wants to believe. “These thirty years have been marked by the risk of weakness, a term used by our strategic analysts, that is to say situations with failed states and lawless zones, which allow the development of trafficking, demographic imbalances and terrorism. »

An “uninhibited use of force”

According to Pierre Schill, the start of the Russian invasion in Ukraine on February 24, 2022 changes the situation. “We are seeing that the States, the organizations that have armed themselves before our eyes for years, have decided that the use of force represents a lawful means of settling disputes between countries,” he said. analysis. “The use of force is uninhibited and is used openly by a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council like Russia,” he says.

For him, all this results from a “form of contestation of the international order that we had decided to build since the start of the Second World War around the United Nations system and multilateralism”. For Pierre Schill, this represents a profound “questioning” of this form of “international law”.

Also questioned about the war in Ukraine and Emmanuel Macron’s comments not excluding the sending of ground troops to Ukraine, Pierre Schill believes that his military duty is “to propose options to the President of the Republic”. “Does this mean that there are plans to go and fight in the first sense of the term on the front line in Ukraine? I am certain that this is not what the President of the Republic said,” he declared, recognizing that French soldiers were already deployed in Ukraine within the diplomatic representation.


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