A specialized meeting with knowledge-based companies to solve the technological problems of the radio sector…

A specialized meeting with knowledge-based companies to solve the technological problems of the radio sector…

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The first meeting to present the technological issues of the fifth generation radio communication sector was held with the presence of knowledge-based companies and with the efforts of the first satellite research and development center.

According to the report of the General Department of Communications of Iran Mobile Communications Company, the first meeting to present the technological issues of the radio sector of the fifth generation communication by the research and development center of the first company with knowledge-based companies and owners of ideas with the aim of solving the inadequacies of the radio sector of the country’s first mobile phone operator with the presence of Seyed Mohammad Karbasi, Secretary of the Staff of Connectivity and Communication Technologies, Vice President of Scientific Technology and Knowledge-Based Economy, Vahid Shah Mansoori, Director of the Research and Development Center of Mobile First, Babak Kardel, General Manager of Design and Engineering of Mobile Radio Network, this evening, Wednesday, December 8, 1402, in the Stara building. Wenk Tehran was held.

* First partner enters a new and more complex phase of investing in local products

Shah Mansouri, the head of the Research and Development Center of Mobile First, stated that from this meeting we are looking to strengthen the ecosystem of communication and information technology through the development of the fifth generation communication technology, and stated: From the first day of the activity of the Research and Development Center of Mobile First, we are looking for We were localizing the equipment and in this way we managed to invest and exploit radio antennas and internal production links.

He added: Now we want to enter the next phase, which faces more complexities in the field of technology, and first of all, we demand from knowledge-based companies and domestic producers not to see their market limited to the first company and considering the capacity of the ecosystem. This field should enter the category of presenting ideas and production so that their market is also bigger.

In the continuation of his speech, the head of the research and development center of the First Companion, while presenting a solution to the knowledge-based companies present at the meeting to enter the defined projects and problems of the First Companion, pointed out the importance of the category of technical knowledge transfer in the companies to move things forward faster. did

*Production and investment from you, tax credits from the scientific vice president
Karbasi, the secretary of the connectivity and communication technologies staff of the vice president’s scientific technology and knowledge-based economy, who was also present at the meeting, emphasized that our mission is to support measures such as the one that the first companion rolled up his sleeve for today. Part of the missions of the scientific assistant is to support projects that are defined in the field of emerging technologies.

He said: Considering the mission of the government, which is the implementation of the national information network, it should be said that one of its categories is “indigenization”, which the Ministry of Communications has taken good measures with the help of communication operators in this direction.

Karbasi added: Considering the newness of this headquarters, we also prioritized the three issues of development of technologies related to the fifth generation, Internet of Things and cyber security and formed their working groups.

He pointed out: We believe that although we arrived late in the 5G discussion, if we do not act for localization now, in four to five years we will have to go to mere imports.

While praising and thanking the first partner who has taken good actions in recent years in the field of localization and supporting domestic producers, Karbasi expressed: Our actions in the scientific vice-chancellor are also of a facilitating nature, such as granting “tax credit”.

He said: The meaning of tax credit is that if the operators or any of the companies related to the research and development of emerging technologies make investments, the same amount of tax credit will be given to them in line with the Law of Production Leaps.

* The first mobile 5G development program has been compiled and designed
Cardel, the general manager of planning and engineering of the first mobile radio network, was another speaker who before presenting the required projects related to 5G technology in the first mobile operator, gave a speech and stated: All companies should strive to have their products in A large range (such as the operator’s own network) should be implemented and offered to its subscribers.

In the form of an exclusive presentation of the state of 5G in the world and the leadership of North America and Western Europe in the development of this generation of technology, he stated: In North America, the coverage of the fifth generation of communication will reach 91% by 2028 and according to forecasts by 2023 1.5 billion subscribers are supposed to have access to 5G.

The general manager of planning and engineering of the first radio network, saying that we are trying to provide services in all aspects of the fifth generation of communication, said: “Soon, after obtaining the necessary permits, we will launch 1000 5G sites.”

It should be mentioned that in the final part of this meeting, while holding a question and answer panel by the project definers of the first mobile research and development center and the knowledge-based companies present in this event, the route of sending knowledge-based ideas and solutions will be explained and the representatives of the companies to Managers of technological projects of the fifth generation radio department were guided.


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