A twenty-year-old finds the strength to report after a year and accuses two young men of raping her. The Prosecutor’s Office: “Group violence”

A twenty-year-old finds the strength to report after a year and accuses two young men of raping her.  The Prosecutor’s Office: “Group violence”

First the shock, that consensual relationship in a bathroom at home interrupted by the irruption of another man: “Come on, let’s have a threesome.” The refusal was “clear” according to the Prosecutor’s Office. And despite the repeated no, gang violence. Then the difficulties in dealing with what was suffered, and consequently the decision not to talk about it.

Up to the psychological help of qualified professionals, and the possibility offered by the “Code Red” which doubled the time for filing a complaint to up to a year. So, almost twelve months after that very traumatic episode, Francesca (the name is naturally fictional to protect the victim) found the courage. The twenty-year-old presented herself to the police, she reported the two people who, according to what was recorded, raped her on that day in April 2021, in the western part of Genoa.

It is his version of events, of course, which however, after a long investigation, was fully confirmed by the Prosecutor’s Office.

If it is true that, since it concerns a complaint about group violence, the judicial authority can act even without the complaint of the offended person, the fact that Francesca decided to take such a painful step and in many cases of this kind fraught with consequences not pleasant at all (see secondary victimization) is an aspect taken into great consideration by the investigators.

In recent weeks the public prosecutor Luca Scorza Azzaràof the pool of vulnerable groups coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Vittorio Ranieri Miniaticlosed the investigations against the two men, now accused of gang sexual violence: AES, 23 years old, and KSA, 27 years old (only the initials are indicated to protect the victim, who otherwise could be recognisable).

The two are defended by lawyers Cristiano Mancuso And Marco De Benedictiswhile the victim is assisted by the lawyer Nadia Calafato. Once the prosecutor was convinced of their responsibility, both suspects were arrested and taken to prison. Now released, today they are subjected to milder measures, waiting for the prosecutor to formalize the request for indictment.

But there is more: in the notice of closure of the preliminary investigations, the prosecutor accuses AES of another episode, which occurred a month after the first, this time involving a young girl who was a minor at the time of the events. Once again, the man allegedly forced the victim into a locked room. During the investigations, both offended parties were heard in an evidentiary hearing, confirming what was stated in their complaints. Their statements are in all respects a preview of the possible future trial.

In the papers of the first episode, in particular, the prosecution retraces the facts, underlining the climate of apparent tranquility that existed in that house, even after the alleged violence. After the rape, writes the prosecutor, the two “got dressed and left the bathroom, leaving there” Francesca “who in a state of shock, got dressed, joined her cousins ​​in the living room and asked them to leave, without however telling them what had happened.” ».

Until the Code Red came into force, in Italy it was possible to report sexual violence within a maximum of six months of the event. Then the extension up to one year, precisely to give more time to those who turn to the police. he is forced by force of circumstances to relive the nightmare.


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