A unique study in the world

A unique study in the world

Ersoy visited the “Turkish Seljuk Dynasty Exhibition”, which was created with statues reflecting the appearance of Anatolian Seljuk sultans, at the Dar-ül Mulk Exhibition Center in Konya.

Ersoy, who received information from the authorities about the works in the exhibition, stated in his statement to journalists that the bones removed from the dynasty tomb in the courtyard of Alaaddin Mosque were classified and analyzed in detail in an 8-year study.

Explaining that during these studies, the bones were primarily classified and their DNA codes were obtained through biological tests, Ersoy said, “Thanks to long-term studies with these DNA codes, the estimated sizes were first calculated using the pictures we obtained in the past. Facial structures, bone structures and body structures were analyzed. Finally, this “This museum area was created with almost identical copies to be exhibited in the exhibition with 95 percent accuracy.” he said.

Ersoy stated that the “Turkish Seljuk Dynasty Exhibition” will be exhibited for two years in the area allocated by Konya Metropolitan Municipality.

Stating that many academicians took part in this long-lasting study, Ersoy said:

“It is a rare work in the world. It is very important and meaningful that it has been completed with 95 percent success and that very close copies of 12 of the Seljuk dynasties are exhibited here. Not only the dynasties but also some dynasty members are here. Again, two women belonging to the dynasty have exact replicas.” “There is a copy there. In order to fully describe that moment, it is a museum where a vizier and two guards are exhibited along with the dynasty. Work was carried out on 27 people here. The bones of 27 people were found. As a result, we received the reward of our long work.”


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