A woman in Pagerageung Tasikmalaya was found dead with a wound on her neck

A woman in Pagerageung Tasikmalaya was found dead with a wound on her neck

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, TASIKMALAYA — Residents of Puteran Village, Pagerageung District, Tasikmalaya Regency, were shocked by the discovery of a woman’s body on Wednesday (29/11/2023) afternoon. The identity of the woman’s body is not yet known.

Head of the Tasikmalaya City Police Criminal Investigation Unit (Kasat Reskrim) AKP Fetrizal said the police received a report of the discovery of the woman’s body on Wednesday at around 15.00 WIB. After receiving the report, the police immediately went to the crime scene (TKP) to carry out an examination.

“From the report, we went to the crime scene and carried out a crime scene investigation,” he said at the location, Wednesday night.

Based on the information gathered, the woman’s body was first discovered by a scrap collector. The woman’s corpse was initially thought to be a doll. However, when approached, the figure was a female corpse.

The scavenger then immediately reported it to local residents. After that, the case of finding the body was immediately reported to the police.

Fetrizal said, based on preliminary findings, there were wounds on the victim’s head and neck. It is suspected that the wound was a result of violence with a blunt object.

He said the police planned to carry out an autopsy to determine the cause of the victim’s death. The autopsy process is planned to be carried out on Thursday (30/11/2023).

“We will carry out an autopsy to see if this is one of the causes of the woman’s body that we found today,” said Fetrizal.


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