Abascal ‘globalizes’ his speech at the ‘Trumpism’ assembly

Abascal ‘globalizes’ his speech at the ‘Trumpism’ assembly

Santiago Abascal has globalized his speech. In what was his first intervention at the ‘summit’ of ‘Trumpism’, the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC), held on the outskirts of Washington, the president of Vox has adapted its message to the American public. The ideologization of universities – which is a very topical issue in the US in the wake of the Gaza war, but not in Spain – was one of them.

The same as meat produced through cell cultures in the laboratory, which is also a debated topic in the US (among other things, because it is not clear if it is kosher and halal, that is, acceptable consumption for Jews and Muslims), but in Spain it falls rather far away. Or that the purchase of land by Bill Gates – one of the favorite obsessions of American conspiracy theorists after it became public that the founder of Microsoft owns 0.03% of the arable land in the US – is part of a plan to expel farmers from their properties.

In reality, Abascal did not mention Gates by name. But everyone knew who he was referring to when he spoke of “false philanthropists who accumulate the land that farmers have to abandon and at the same time promote the imposition of experiments like synthetic meat, a great business when you can force people to eat what they eat.” that you say what to eat.”

But his reference was clear, if you take into account that the businessman has donated more than 75 billion dollars to philanthropic causes. In fact, Gates is not even among the twenty largest landowners in the United States, according to the specialized publication Land’s Report. The largest owner is the media businessman John Malone which has almost ten times more surface area than Gates. But it is unlikely that anyone at CPAC will criticize Malone, who gave $250,000 (200,330 euros) in the 2020 campaign for the re-election of Donald Trump.

Mix the future of agriculture, which in Spain is an element of political and social tension, with Bill Gates, who in Spain only mobilizes the most convinced Vox voters, and with laboratory-produced meat, which this side of the Atlantic is something that no one knows, Abascal’s speech exemplifies. The president of Vox adapted his speech to that of CPAC, an organization whose ideological evolution imitates that of the Republican Party, which is why it has gone from being a defender of Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, and from explicitly proposing the rapprochement of Hispanics and immigration reform, to defending the strictest ‘Trumpism’.

If in the years in which the president of CPAC, the Cuban refugee Alex Cardenas He did not even invite the ‘Trump ideologue Stephen Bannon, now, with the organization under the control of Matt Schlapp, Bannon has been the one who opened the meeting this 2024 in a meeting with the commentator Jack Posobiec,one of the creators of the QAnon conspiracy theory, which states that Donald Trump fights alone against a network of cannibal pedophiles that controls the world and which includes, in addition to, obviously, Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, Pope Francis and the actor Tom Hanks. The conversation between Bannon and Posobiec began with a phrase made to generate headlines (and, perhaps, some fear): “Welcome to the end of democracy. We are here to overthrow it completely. We did not fully achieve it on January 6 [el da en el que los seguidores de Trump asaltaron el Capitolio]but we are determined to get rid of it.”

In this environment, betting on cultural wars is the safest thing to do. But it is necessary to adapt them to the public mentality. That’s what Abascal did, who addressed an auditorium in which there wereto a very considerable amount of the public, despite the fact that he spoke in Spanish at a time reserved for foreign leaders, who are much less popular than the Americans, although it possibly helped him that the person who occupied the speakers’ gallery after him was the leader of Brexit and the British extreme right, Nigel Farage. This year, in addition, CPAC has the presence of two foreign presidents: the Salvadoran Najib Bukele and the Argentine Javier Milei who, in a political paradox, went yesterday to the meeting, which is being held at the Gaylord Hotel and Convention Center, in Maryland but next to Washington, after having met with the US Secretary of State, Tony Blinken, who is not exactly among the most beloved figures at CPAC. The former British Prime Minister has also participated Liz Truss. The foreign politician most admired by CPAC – and by Trump himself, who has praised him on several occasions, although he has a tendency to put him in the wrong country with the country he governs – is the Hungarian president. Viktor Orbn.

Abascal, therefore, criticized the “globalist elites” who, he said, “try to prohibit dissent, deny democracy, destroy national self-esteem, freedom of expression, freedom of thought, freedom of teaching, and even the essential points of science, like Biology itself”, in, again, a veiled reference to an issue that in the United States generates the most controversy, such as the question of rights of trans people. In fact, this week, Next Benedict, a 16-year-old trans teenager died from a beating at a high school in Oklahoma.

With that objective, the president of Vox mixed Spanish and American examples to support his arguments. The old universities, such as Salamanca, Bologna, or Harvard, designed to enlarge culture, have today been converted into factories of censorship, coercion, and indoctrination,” he said, before explaining that these academic institutions are controlled by “disturbed commissioners who pervert the innocence of minors, who rewrite history or who promote criminal theologies.”

That same rhetorical strategy was visible in his reference to historical figures, among which he cited “Isabel the Catholic, Fray Junpero Serra and Thomas Jefferson, names now persecuted by those who hate our culture and our civilization.” It is striking that he did not cite Christopher Columbus, possibly due to the fact that in the United States this historical figure is totally associated with Italy and, in fact, it was the immigrants from that country who began to erect statues in his honor at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, to the horror of the traditional Anglo-Saxon inhabitants of the country, who did not accept that the newcomers began to put an Italian next to figures linked to the British and English-speaking political tradition.

Abascal did not mention NATO – which arouses considerable animosity at CPAC after Trump’s statements in the last two weeks – or Ukraine – the Republican senator Tommy Tuberville had said at CPAC on Thursday that the blame for the Russian invasion of Ukraine lay with the United States – not with Russia. The most he talked about was “China and other hostile powers”, but without going into details. Yes he was very critical of the dictatorships of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. And his speech was received warmly. The president of Vox was interrupted on several occasions by the applause of the attendees. His formula of adapting the Vox speech to the American cultural context was a success. Although CPAC is not just speeches. It is also contacts, relationships, alliances and access to electoral, audience measurement, and campaign techniques. In particular, the technological development of campaigns in the US and their ability to mobilize voters are one of the most important topics of the great meeting of American conservative populists.


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