Abducted by UFO, had sex with alien

Abducted by UFO, had sex with alien

The famous name, who said that she was tired of men, said that she was with an alien.

A woman named Emanuela Rose, who participated in the This Morning program, said that she was tired of men and announced that she had a relationship with an alien.


Speaking to Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on the show, Rose claimed her love life was out of this world and that she met her boyfriend after being abducted by a UFO in East London.



Stating that she and her lover do not have a relationship like people have, Rose said: “We went out together, but it was a little different from your regular dates. We go to the movies together when it takes on a different form so people can’t see it. Once you go to space, you will forget about Earthlings. I definitely recommend Aliens. Our sex life is great.” said.



Stating that aliens live in light and pure energy, so she cannot go as far as her lover can, Rose said that she is happy in her love life. Explaining that she wants to marry her lover, Rose says “He is learning about traditions around the world. “I think he needs to know all this for the marriage proposal.” he said.


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