Accidents and road closures cause chaos in different states on Revolution Day | News from Mexico

Accidents and road closures cause chaos in different states on Revolution Day |  News from Mexico

MEXICO CITY, Mexico.- This Monday, November 20, a holiday for the celebrations of the anniversary of the Mexican Revolution, there were several vehicle accidents on different highways in the countrysuch as Mexico-Cuernavaca, Mexico-Querétaro and Puebla-Veracruz.

So much Federal Revenue Roads and Bridges and Related Services (Capufe)as well as the highway division of the National Guard, kept citizens informed about the precautions to take due to these events.

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Trailer catches fire in Mexico-Cuernavaca

In the morning, A trailer caught fire at kilometer 69 of the Mexico-Cuernavaca highwaycausing the closure of the road, as announced by Federal Roads and Bridges of Income and Related Services (Capufe).

Finally, after several hours of work to remove the burned trailercirculation was restored in both directions.

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Another trailer overturns in Mexico-Querétaro

Subsequently, the highway division of the National Guard reported that at dusk this Monday the Closure of traffic on Highway 57 of the Mexico-Querétaro highway when a trailer overturns at km 189 towards Querétaro.

Later, the road was cleared, although with heavy traffic, as announced. According to reports, the closure occurred after the trailer, which was transporting vehicles, overturned.

Fuel pipe explodes in Puebla-Orizaba

The Puebla-Veracruz highway was also closed to traffic after a pipe loaded with fuel oil will catch fire and explode.

The events occurred this Monday afternoon near the Veracruz municipality of Cordova.

Police reports indicated that the pipe suffered an accident and exploded; the column of smoke could be seen for several kilometers around. Elements from various police and relief corporations went to the site to put out the fire.

As a security measure, the highway was closed to traffic for several hourswhich generated long lines of vehicles.

For their part, social media users shared some videos in which you can see the impressive smoke trailwhich is visible from several meters.

Meanwhile, the Vulcano Cova chief, Juan Manuel Pérez Cova, indicated that on instructions from the head of Government, Martí Batres, the body of CDMX firefighters came to support of the vehicle accident involving a gas pipe on the Orizaba-Puebla highway.

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