“Acharn Mongkol Rodthiengtham” gives his horoscope for Bangkok Today for Tuesday, February 13, 2024.

“Acharn Mongkol Rodthiengtham” gives his horoscope for Bangkok Today for Tuesday, February 13, 2024.

#Horoscope for Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Auspicious time for Tuesday is 11:09 – 17:09.

Auspicious colors: white, pink, gold

Total number of cards received: 30950

Lucky number 3 0 9

Featured number 9

33 00 99

30 03 09 90 39 93

conversion number

55 50 05 53 35 59 95 69

96 83 38

#People born on Sunday

Work receives love and kindness from adults. There are people who support the work. Including there will be a big event coming. and famous Doing more than one job

Finance: There is always money coming in. received a large sum of money Being kind and considerate and like helping people. There will be good fortune from the lucky numbers at home.

Love, stability, happiness for the whole family. care and get love during Valentine’s Day Have the opportunity to travel to beautiful places, markets and shopping malls, including forests and mountains. Single people find love with white, handsome, smiling adults, being asked for love and marriage.

Health: You must pay attention to dust, sore throat, phlegm, coughing, and respiratory system.

#People born on Monday

Work will be trusted by adults. Delegate important duties Including promotions. Whoever is thinking of investing in anything, please focus on it, it will be good in the future.

Finance: Philanthropist likes to help people. Finance goes in left and right. But there are adults who are always kind to us, so we don’t. There will be good fortune from sacred things that give luck in gambling.

Love: Lovers take extra care during Valentine’s Day. You will be able to make merit or help take care of adults. Single people will find love from people from far away places. Or your lover returns to see you during Valentine’s Day.

Health: Get a little rest and sleep late. You should find time to pay attention during the holidays. But there’s nothing strong about it.

#People born on Tuesday

Work, traveling, racing against time Working on many things at the same time is famous for being productive. Anyone who applies for a job will be called for an interview.

Finance: Use money wisely to buy things and appliances. including speculation But you will have good fortune, especially in the evening and until dark.

Love always pretends to find trouble, but there’s a surprise on Valentine’s Day. You just have to act like you really don’t care. Both love and care all the time. Single people will find love with someone who already has a family or has children.

Health. Want to be beautiful. Want to look good. There is a chance that you will hurt yourself because of your beauty. cosmetic surgery

#People born on Wednesday afternoon

Work requires patience with work. Emotional fluctuations I want to leave soon. I’ll stay soon. In matters of work You should rest and travel comfortably and talk about it later.

Finance: There is always the matter of wasting money. Using debt on behalf of someone But still lucky and have good fortune with house numbers that give good luck.

Love always quarrels But there will be some exceptions during Valentine’s Day. Single people have the opportunity to find love with widows and widowers.

Health: You have to take care of yourself and take care of yourself. Especially old people dizziness pressure and congenital disease

#People born on Wednesday night

Work, patience with work, diligence, doing whatever it takes to travel long distances abroad. Waiting for success to come

Finance: There is always money coming in. Have good fortune from adults or good fortune from gambling, especially auspicious numbers from the daily horoscope that give luck

Love, forcing your lover to do what you want. And the lovers really do it. The most beautiful valentine Declaring love and proposing marriage Single people have the opportunity to find love with foreigners.

Health, taking care of yourself the most Cosmetic surgery, teeth, clothing and hair

#People born on Thursday

Work, being responsible for many things at the same time Maintaining the position for whom? Job transfers caused by forced orders from adults

Finances are always a matter of wasting money. Especially family members who created debts for them. Contacting the bank And being rejected must be extremely careful. Have good luck with gambling.

Love: You have to be careful of falling in love with someone who already owns you. Being a backup is tiring, especially on Valentine’s Day. When you see someone with a partner, you feel tortured. People who have families must be careful with their words and emotions. should be avoided

health anxiety Afraid of being sick, coughing, and having a lot of dust, you have to check and be careful.

#People born on Friday

Work is very competitive, but you can compete with him. and won Anyone thinking of changing jobs will definitely be fulfilled. or doing something independently as a business owner Someone will pay the expenses or invest.

Finance: Buy happiness in everything. Be kind and considerate. Use money wisely to buy happiness for your family. Clothes, face, hair, and cosmetics will bring good fortune and good fortune from younger people.

Love, happiness, like to check ratings It’s fun to talk and have fun with people coming to love and like you. Single people will find love with good-looking, fun people. It is a free love without strings attached.

Health: You must pay attention to food, blood pressure, and allergies. Wherever you travel, do you have medicine in your bag?

#People born on Saturday

Work: You will have success and be famous from your work. Whoever is waiting for a new job will be fulfilled. There are unexpected travel criteria. Got to travel to beautiful places.

Finance is outstanding, money comes in all day. Have good fortune, good luck, can gamble. Have good fortune from the first red license plate you see on the road. Remember it carefully and use it to buy lottery tickets.

Love, happiness, warm family Especially during Valentine’s Day Someone will propose to you. Single people will definitely find love with a young, good-looking person.

Healthy, strong, abundant, take care of yourself the most. Sick people will get better and have someone to take care of them all the time.

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