Actor Mark Eidelstein admitted that he did not want to play Kolya Gerasimov

Actor Mark Eidelstein admitted that he did not want to play Kolya Gerasimov


A meeting was held in Moscow with the creators of the science fiction film “One Hundred Years Ahead,” based on the novel of the same name by Kir Bulychev. The premiere of the film will take place on April 18. And today, director Alexander Andryushchenko and actors Fyodor Bondarchuk (the robot Werther), Mark Eidelstein (Kolya Gerasimov), Daria Vereshchagina (Alisa Selezneva) and Sofya Tsibireva (Altukhina, Kolya’s classmate) met with fans and revealed some secrets of working on the film.

In particular, we talked about casting for the roles of the main characters. It turned out that Mark might not have played in such a significant project for many generations. After all, we all remember and love the Soviet five-part film “Guest from the Future” by Pavel Arsenov, released in 1984 and based on the same work by the famous science fiction writer.

“It was a long casting,” admits director Alexander Andryushchenko. – At first we looked at heroes even of a different age. But the key moment was meeting Mark. But at that time we were still writing a script about fifteen-year-old heroes and aimed precisely at this. And then our friend, cameraman Misha Milashin, said that he worked on the film “Righteous” with the young artist Mark, but he was older, he was 18 at that time. I thought then that Mark was too old for us, but still decided to try him on the role of Kolya Gerasimov.”

And then the confusion began. It turned out that Mark allegedly refused the offer to try out for the project.

“It’s an interesting story,” says Mark. “I receive a message from Misha Milashin, which says: “Mark, why didn’t you want to come to the audition for “One Hundred Years Ahead”? This is a good picture.” And then I thought: “If I refused, then there were probably reasons for it.” And I didn’t even remember what kind of film it was, whether they even offered me… Misha continued: “You couldn’t refuse. You’re not crazy.”

At this time, the director of the film, Alexander Andryushchenko, entered the conversation:

“And I, in turn, get this answer: “We called Mark, and he said that he was not interested.” I blinked and thought: “This is the level of young artists we have – he starred in one project, and “One Hundred Years Ago” is no longer interesting to him. I also asked again: “Exactly?” They answered me: “Exactly.” He’s not even going to consider this project.” I called Misha and said: “From this man’s beach. I don’t want to know him anymore.” And many months later it turned out that Mark knew nothing about it.”

Mark smiled embarrassedly during the story; it was clear that the story was not very pleasant for him.

“Yes, I didn’t know anything,” he confirmed. – A strange and mythical story. For some reason, someone told the casting directors that I wasn’t interested. Scandals, intrigues and investigations are simple. There is no need to investigate anything. It happened… And I still came to the audition.”

Afterwards, the director sent Mark’s samples to all the co-producers and they unanimously said: “This is our Kolya.” And the script was rewritten for an older artist.


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