Actor Nuno Lopes accused of rape

Actor Nuno Lopes accused of rape

An American screenwriter filed a lawsuit on Monday in a New York court, USA, in which she accuses the Portuguese actor, Nuno Lopes, of having drugged her and then raped her during the Tribecca Film Festival in 2006.

Anna Martemucci, known as AM Lukas, American screenwriter and actress accuses Nuno Lopes of drugging her and then taking her to his apartment where he raped her. The following day, April 29, the actress went to the hospital where she was seen by a doctor and reported the case to the police, reports the Observador.

The case states that the scriptwriter had to take anti-HIV medication and suffered from post-traumatic stress and the actress says that at the time, in a phone call, Nuno Lopes confirmed that they had sexual relations.

The Portuguese disputes the accusation and, in a statement cited by Observador, says he is “morally and ethically incapable of committing the acts of which they accuse me. I would never drug someone and I would never take advantage of someone who is incapacitated, whether due to excessive alcohol or the influence of any other substances. Neither today nor 17 years ago.”

The DJ and actor adds that he has “an absolutely clear conscience”, refuting “all the accusations made against me, that I hope this case is promptly clarified and judged fairly by the competent authorities and I will never be afraid to take legal action against anyone who tries defame my good name.”


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