Affective education at school, a bipartisan agreement is sought

Affective education at school, a bipartisan agreement is sought

It is not enough to repress, it is not enough to increase punishment if it is not possible to prevent it. Elly Schlein she addressed the prime minister Giorgia Meloni so that politics moves and addresses the tragedy of feminicides from the point of view of emotional and sexual education. Therefore the secretary of the Democratic Party explains: «There have been no direct contacts with the prime minister. But I turned to her to propose approving a law that makes education in affectivity and respect for differences compulsory in every school cycle. We confirm our willingness to work together also on the fundamental side of prevention, which is missing in the bill on feminicides which will be examined by the Senate.”


This is no small step. The right opens, however, with a plan from the Minister of Education Valditara for “relationship education”: one hour a week for three months a year, 12 sessions. Not exactly what the left and the 5 Stars want. The deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini couldn’t be more explicit, referring to the murder of Gulia Cecchettin: involving the school well, but it is not enough. For Salvini it is “the family that must be the family”. He says: «We as the League have fought for civic education, which is now a reality, I say this as a father, but the school cannot reach everywhere, it is the mother and father who must understand if they have someone at home who is at risk to become a problem.” Words that fuel controversy. The M5Stelle recalls the amendment presented on emotional and sexual education in schools and returned to the sender by the League only two months ago. He presents it again in the Senate where the feminicide bill arrives in the justice commission tomorrow.


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