After the opening on gay couples, the former Holy Office publishes a document on gender and surrogacy

After the opening on gay couples, the former Holy Office publishes a document on gender and surrogacy

The cardinal Victor Manuel Fernandezvery loyal to Pope francesco and bête noire of right-wing Catholics, had said so: following the fiery controversies triggered by the blessing of homosexual couples, authorized on 18 December by the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, he had announced another document, “on human dignity”, much more Pacific.

Non-controversial topics

“We do not have any issues planned in the dicastery that could be very controversial, like the latest ones,” the Argentine theologian stated in a January 13 interview with the Spanish press agency Efe. “We are preparing a very important document on human dignity which includes not only social issues, but also a strong criticism of moral issues such as sex change, surrogacy, gender ideologies, etc.”

A declaration”

The announcement informs, now, it has been made official. The Holy See press office has announced that the document will be published next Monday. Is titled Infinite dignity and, like the Confidence supplicans on gay couples, it is a “declaration”, i.e. the highest level in the hierarchy of documents of the former Holy Office. It will be presented at noon on April 8th by Cardinal Fernandez himself, together with the secretary of the Doctrine of the Faith, the Italian theologian Armando Matteoand to the teacher Paola Scarcellaprofessor at Tor Vergata University and Lumsa University of Rome, as well as responsible for catechesis for people with disabilities in the Sant’Egidio community.

75 years after the UN charter

The occasion of the document, as far as we know, is the 75th anniversary of the United Nations declaration on human rights, which came out on December 10th. And the Vatican department responsible for orthodoxy intervenes with its own document to underline, starting from human rights, the Catholic point of view on the topic of human dignity. The document should therefore touch on various issues, which were evoked by Fernandez – the so-called “gender ideologies”, already criticized several times by the Pope, “surrogate motherhood” – but also others, such as handicap, the right to interruption of pregnancy (recently entered into the French Constitution), and more social issues such as immigration and care for the environment.

The place for the worried

If the declaration on the blessing of homosexual couples greatly agitated the Catholic Church, with a full-scale revolt by the bishops of black Africa, and a subsequent document on the invalidity of baptisms had at least partially reassured the more conservative sectors, the declaration that will be published next Monday it should not cause great alarm, on the contrary. As Cardinal Fernandez said, “the most worried will be able to rest.”


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