after the rains in the basins, large river floods in Córdoba

after the rains in the basins, large river floods in Córdoba

Monday started with storms in much of the territory of the province of Córdoba. In some locations there were flooded streets, traffic difficulties and complications due to the accumulation of water.

In Mina Clavero, residents and tourists were surprised by the tremendous flooding of the river that began to arrive during the morning due to rainfall in the basins.

In the images spread on social networks, you can see the great increase in the water flow.

The Córdoba Police reported that the Central and Olmos bridges in the town of Mina Clavero were cut off due to a 2.5 meter flood in the city center.

A significant flood was also recorded in another part of the province. It was at the source of the Jaime River, after the intense rain in the Traslasierra valley.

During the afternoon of this Monday, a significant influx of water also arrived in the San Antonio River. As a result, they had to close the fords where vehicles cross.

Slash Cosquín Rock

Millimetre in the Mina Clavero River basins:

  • The Bedside Tables: 38mm
  • Giulio Cesare: 43mm
  • Rio Hondo: 40mm
  • MC birth: 47mm
  • Beautiful Hill: 27mm
  • Willows: 32mm
Floods in Carlos Paz.


The National Meteorological Service (SMN) issued two short-term warnings for strong storms, gusts and occasional hail for several departments in the northern province.

The alerts were issued after 12 noon this Monday and cover the areas of Colon, Ischilín, Rio Primero, Rio Seco, Sobremonte, Totoral, Tulumba and Cruz del Eje.


The southern departments will be the most affected. The following are under orange notice: General Roca, President Roque Sáenz Peña, Dio Cuarto and Juárez Celman. The others are all under yellow alert.


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