Ahmedabad: World Cup match was successful, airport made a new record. Loktej Ahmedabad News

Ahmedabad: World Cup match was successful, airport made a new record.  Loktej Ahmedabad News

Ahmedabad’s Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport has created a new record in the final match of the World Cup. The airport has set a record for handling 40,801 passengers in a single day with the highest number of 359 flights for an ICCWorldCupFinal match. The airport has recorded a total of 359 Air Traffic Movements (ATMs) including more than 260 scheduled and 99 non-scheduled through successful operations. The 40,801 passengers included 33,642 domestic and 7,159 international passengers.

Completed this milestone in 23 hours

The feat was achieved in 23 hours after the airspace was closed for more than 45 minutes due to the air show at the World Cup. With the highest passenger traffic, Ahmedabad Airport ensured coordination with the welcome of two VVIP guests. SVPI is a result of the airport’s well-developed infrastructure and continuous improvement. This has been possible due to the hard work of the airport staff including AAI, CISF, Immigration, Customs, Airline Partners and SVPIA team.

Those returning after the World Cup final will also have to buy expensive flight tickets. After checking online tickets from Ahmedabad to different cities, the prices were found to be very high everywhere. On November 20, the ticket price from Ahmedabad to Delhi is around Rs 24 to 40 thousand. Similarly, the price of air ticket from Ahmedabad to Mumbai is Rs 25 to 36 thousand. Air ticket to Kolkata has reached Rs 38 to 49 thousand. Airlines are asking Rs 31 to 51 thousand for Bengaluru and Rs 30 to 43 thousand for Hyderabad.


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