Aid for Ukraine approved

Aid for Ukraine approved

Washington DC, United States (February 13, 2024) .-08:58 hrs

The United States Senate approved this Tuesday an aid package of 95.34 billion dollars for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, but the bill runs the risk of not being approved by the House of Representatives, with a Republican majority, according to what was announced its president Mike Johnson.

Lawmakers approved the measure in a 70-29 vote that comfortably surpassed the chamber’s 60-vote threshold for approval and sent the legislation to the Lower House. Twenty-two Republicans joined most Democrats in supporting the bill.

This $95 billion package includes military aid funding for Israel and its strategic ally Taiwan, but the bulk ($60 billion) is intended to replenish Ukraine’s depleted stockpile of ammunition, weapons and other necessities. crucial as it enters the third year of war after the Russian invasion.

The package also includes funds for Israel, humanitarian aid for Palestinians in Gaza and funds to help Taiwan and other US partners in the Indo-Pacific confront China.

The bill does not include changes to US immigration policy, something that had been requested by Republicans.

A previous Senate text that covered both immigration issues and foreign aid for allies ended up being blocked by Republican lawmakers, after Johnson also promised to overturn it in the House of Representatives amid questions that it was not strict enough to stop crossings. illegal border crossings.

“House Republicans were very clear from the beginning of the discussions that any so-called supplemental national security legislation must recognize that national security begins at our own border,” Johnson said in a statement.

Ukraine’s leaders see funding as crucial as it continues to repel Russian attacks and tries to keep its battered economy going as the war approaches its second anniversary.

US President Joe Biden has been pushing Congress to approve more aid for Ukraine for months, but has faced opposition from hardline Republicans.


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