‘Ajarn Sasin’ reveals 3 questions that no one has thought to answer if he were to build a cable car up Phu Kradueng.

‘Ajarn Sasin’ reveals 3 questions that no one has thought to answer if he were to build a cable car up Phu Kradueng.

7 Dec. 2023 – Mr. Sasin Chalermlap, environmental academic Former Chairman of the Foundation Sueb Nakasathien Posted a message on Facebook saying #Phu Kradueng cable car Three questions that must be decided in Thailand if the Phu Kradueng cable car is built. There will be several things that might be useful.

First, businesses related to real estate, land, and commercial buildings that are occupied around Phu Kradueng Mountain and the road to Phu Kradueng will be bustling Both adding value The circulation of various kinds of money In expanding the business to support tourism, it is expected that the number of tourists will increase. and rotate visitors to go up and down the cable car to the vast plains at the top of the mountain. Previously, there was no choice but to use two feet to walk.

Second, it makes people who think they can’t get up, don’t have the time, and don’t have the courage to get up. Including those with age and physical limitations, there is a chance to go up. And the cable car may help bring sick, injured people, garbage, and transport rice, fish, and food. It’s easier to use appliances. This is a simple, straightforward reason, and there is no argument at all.

But…building the Phu Kradueng cable car There are 3 questions that no one has thought of answering, 3 levels.

#Level 1 Phu Kradueng is a mountain trekking route that is the best in the country. When evaluated from a distance that is not very far There is almost no danger if there is no accident due to carelessness. perfect management The cost of traveling is not expensive. Including when going up there are beautiful places. Lots of walking around It’s said to be worth the walk up and around.
What has been said about this mountain serves to give love to nature. Let us absorb the beauty of both nature and friendship along the way. Including the many learnings that took place during the patience on the ascent. There is only one place like this in Thailand which is “Phu Kradueng”. Other places have roads to reach or are too far to walk. Walking there, there wasn’t much to see.
Therefore, when there is a basket The challenge is to reach the above. Surely you can’t compete with the alluring comfort of riding the cable car.
There would probably be even fewer people walking up.

Those who choose to walk are already many nature lovers. The people who rode the cable car didn’t absorb anything. It’s no different from driving up Phu Ruea, Doi Inthanon, or other mountains. Coming back means nothing. Phu Kradueng has performed this duty for Thailand for more than 50 years, from his grandfather’s generation to the present.
Having a basket means we no longer use this function of Phu Kradueng. To compare it would be like turning temples, churches, and viharas into Buddhist exhibition boards.
This is a matter of whether decision makers will choose to take away value from this or not.

#Level 2 from the results of the study and design of the basket system. It is expected that there will be little impact on the environment. (such as cutting a few trees) but the consequences after having baskets There has been no study of environmental impacts.
For example, when many people go upstairs, facilities that will definitely have an impact on the environment must be built, such as a building in the middle of a natural area.
The important thing is that the roads above must accommodate visitors who are not prepared to “walk” and are not ready to understand why there are no cars running to see the tourist attractions that are many kilometers away from the cable car station in each place.
Including limiting people to stay overnight and managing various wastes under the status of a national park. There are limitations regarding laws, manpower, and budget to maintain it in its natural state.
We are ready to let the beautiful place Is the top broken in another place?

#Level 3 If there are a lot of people going up. We are ready to transform protected areas rich in nature to support full tourism services. Will it become a top tourist city in the future?
If the policy in the future will be like that Completely cancel the national park area.
This is the matter that must be decided following the basket at the final level.
This government must answer all 3 questions before making a decision. I am waiting to listen before deciding to take the cable car and go destroy the old Phu Kradueng together.


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