AK Party objected… Counting of votes started again in Gaziosmanpaşa

AK Party objected… Counting of votes started again in Gaziosmanpaşa

After the AK Party’s objections to the mayoral election results were accepted, party members gathered in front of Gaziosmanpaşa Municipality Swimming Pool and Sports Complex to participate in the counting.

No one was allowed into the center, where police teams closed the entrances with barriers, except those with the necessary permission.

The people whose names were notified by their parties entered the hall to watch the counting from the stands after their IDs were checked.

After the counting, the minutes prepared for the election bags with different results will be recorded in the Election Information System.

Muammer Birdal, Head of Election Affairs of AK Party Istanbul Provincial Directorate, said in his statement that there was a difference of 800 votes in the elections in Gaziosmanpaşa.

Birdal said, “However, we obtained some concrete legal evidence and objected to the District Election Board regarding this. The District Election Board saw us as right and accepted our demands. The CHP organization objected to this and brought the issue to the Provincial Election. The Provincial Election Board also “He found CHP’s objections inappropriate and saw us as right.” said.

Stating that they came to count the votes upon the decision, Birdal said:

“The CHP organization uses violence, fights. It tries not to enforce the court decision. You see, they are trying to put pressure on us behind the scenes, intimidate the judges and silence them. The counting has started now and continues inside. We want the law to be implemented. We want the will of the nation to come out the same way it entered the ballot box. Unlawful “They are trying to extinguish this incident with violence, by acting against the law. Hopefully, we will try to ensure that the law is implemented.”


AK Party Gaziosmanpaşa District Chairman Fatih Aydemir submitted separate objection petitions to the Gaziosmanpaşa 1st, 2nd and 3rd District Election Boards regarding the election results, stating that some votes were considered invalid even though they were valid, and requested the ballot papers to be recounted.

The petitions examined by Gaziosmanpaşa 1st, 2nd and 3rd District Election Boards were accepted by majority vote and decided separately, and it was stated that the number of invalid votes was approximately 10 times the difference in votes between the winning candidate and the second candidate in the mayoral election.

In order to determine the election results completely and accurately, it was decided to recount the valid and invalid votes for the Gaziosmanpaşa Mayoral election.

Upon the decision, CHP’s objection to the Provincial Election Board was rejected.


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