Al-Duailej launches the Regional Aviation Safety Monitoring Organization for the Middle East and North Africa

Al-Duailej launches the Regional Aviation Safety Monitoring Organization for the Middle East and North Africa

Today, His Excellency the President of the General Authority of Civil Aviation and Chairman of the Organization’s Steering Committee, Mr. Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al-Duailej, inaugurated the “Regional Air Safety Oversight Organization for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA RSOO),” in conjunction with the work of the ICAN 2023 conference in its fifteenth edition, held in Riyadh, hosted by From the General Authority of Civil Aviation during the period from December 3 to 7, with the participation of more than 100 countries and international organizations and more than 700 experts and specialists in the field of civil aviation.
The Regional Aviation Safety Monitoring Organization for the Middle East and North Africa aims to help member states develop and implement national training and safety programmes, and to enhance their capabilities to monitor air safety in addition to achieving aviation safety standards. The new organization includes in its membership the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The Republic of Djibouti, the Republic of Sudan, the Republic of Somalia, the State of Palestine, the State of Libya, the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, and the Republic of Yemen).
His Excellency said in a speech he delivered during the inauguration ceremony prepared for this occasion: The establishment of the new organization will be a milestone for all its member states, and is also a testimony to their commitment to aviation safety, quality and efficiency, indicating that this step confirms the Kingdom’s commitment to aviation safety through its continued cooperation with partners. Internationally, to ensure the highest air safety standards are achieved.
He stated that what enhances this interest is ICAO’s endeavor to unify the necessary safety standards, to integrate the innovations of tremendous technological development in the civil aviation industry, especially with regard to the design of aircraft engines, autonomous control, remotely piloted service aircraft, and personal transportation via air taxi, while preserving The overall performance of the air traffic network and its improvement.
His Excellency praised the support of the wise leadership and the Kingdom’s pioneering role in the region in conjunction with achieving the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, from which the National Aviation Strategy emerged, and its support for making all efforts to advance the civil aviation sector, raise the degree of efficiency in line with the urgent need for this means regionally and globally, and support air safety in the country. Middle East and North Africa region.
He said: It is no secret to everyone that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been honored to host the headquarters of the Regional Air Safety Organization (MENA RSOO), and it provided this through a generous donation from the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, and careful follow-up from His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Crown Prince and Prime Minister – may God protect them – with the aim of activating this organization and supporting it with an amount of (one million five hundred thousand US dollars) for the first two years of its establishment, in order for the organization to carry out its tasks and responsibilities, in supporting air safety programs in our region and assisting countries Members in order to strengthen and raise the legislative and supervisory capabilities of their national air safety systems, and enable them to achieve higher levels of compliance with international rules and recommendations.
For his part, His Excellency the President of the Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization, Salvatore Sciacchitano, said: The launch of the new organization is an essential step towards enhancing safety in the civil aviation sector, and embodies the amount of cooperation exerted to develop civil aviation safety in the Middle East.
The civil aviation sector is considered an essential engine for economic growth and connectivity between countries, as well as the important role of aviation safety, which is a shared responsibility that requires a collective effort. He pointed out that the establishment of the Regional Air Safety Oversight Organization (RSOO) comes as a result of ICAO’s efforts aimed at coordinating air safety oversight practices and developing safety. effective government, enhancing the exchange of information and building a strong framework for continuous improvement. In turn, the Director General of the Arab Civil Aviation Organization, Abdelnabi Manar, said that the transport sector plays an essential role in the progress of nations, contributing to rapprochement and communication with various parts of the world, and reviving economic exchanges by facilitating the transport of people and property, which contributes This creates wealth and job opportunities, whether at the industry level or the infrastructure of the transportation system.
Air transport is also considered an integral part of this system, as it is distinguished from other types of transport by its speed, effectiveness, regularity and high level of safety, and relies on international standards, whether at the institutional level or at the legal, financial and technical level. He added: In an effort by the organization to move to a sustainable approach to enhance The safety system in member states decided to work institutionally by establishing a regional nucleus to monitor air safety. This initiative went through several stages starting in May 2012, when the Assembly approved
The General Assembly of the Arab Civil Aviation Organization “conducted a study on establishing the regional organization for air safety oversight for the countries of the Middle East and North Africa,” as the first step towards establishing this organization with the aim of achieving safe, sound and regular air transport that participates in sustainable development. After that, the signing ceremony of the memorandum of agreement began, For member states of the organization, souvenir photos were taken on this occasion.


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