Ali Akbar Salehi: Violence with elections will not improve the economic situation

Ali Akbar Salehi: Violence with elections will not improve the economic situation

to report Online citizenshipOn the sidelines of the country’s press and media exhibition, we had a conversation with Ali Akbar Salehi, the former head of the Atomic Energy Organization and the former minister of foreign affairs, which is discussed below.

At the beginning, Salehi said: Participation in the elections is, first of all, a rational issue. If we want to pay attention to our destiny and not ignore it with indifference, we must participate in the elections. Not participating in the elections means not paying attention to our own destiny. This revolution did not reach us easily, there are more than 200 thousand martyrs at the foot of this revolution. I fully accept that there are shortcomings in people’s livelihood and economy, I am aware of these shortcomings, but is violence with ballot boxes and non-participation really considered a suitable way to protest in this way?

He added: According to the announcements, nearly 80% of those who registered were qualified, which means that with the variety of candidates, people can vote for their candidate and choose it. I don’t intend to make propaganda and unwarranted defenses, people know me well, but what I am saying is that if there is a problem, it is not due to the revolution, but to the wrong management that was applied at some point.

The former Minister of Foreign Affairs stated: Some mismanagement and lack of work as well as inadvertent mistakes have resulted in the bad situation that exists today, also that some unjust pressures that have been put on Iran have not been ineffective, for example, we were just at the beginning of the revolution that The enemy attacked us and an eight-year war ensued. Therefore, I want to say that people should look at this matter fairly and make their judgment based on this. My point is that we should see the glass half full and the criticism should go towards thinking and performance instead of character.


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