Alonso Ancira sues AHMSA for $23.8 million

Alonso Ancira sues AHMSA for .8 million

Alonso Alcira Elizondo, still president of the Board of Directors of Altos Hornos de México (AHMSA), filed a lawsuit against his own company for 23.8 million dollars.

The steel magnate filed an appeal in the Second District Court for Commercial Bankruptcies based in Mexico City, in which he was awarded the position of creditor of the company for the aforementioned amount.

According to the document presented in the federal Bankruptcy Court, Ancira lent the metallurgical company 22 million 824 thousand 736 dollars and 16 cents from his personal assets.

To this amount he added 982,563 dollars with 68 cents of ordinary interest, according to the document to which El Siglo de Torreón had access.

The total of this debt demanded by the majority shareholder of AHMSA amounts to 23 million 807 thousand 300 dollars.

The claim is based on the fact that Ancira Elizondo appears as creditor number 416582 in the steel company’s accounting books, a fact that the businessman will demonstrate at the appropriate procedural time, through the corresponding expert opinion and judicial inspection.

According to the appeal, on May 23, 2022, representatives of Altos Hornos de México, They signed a contract with Alonso Ancira Elizondo for the Credit with interest of just over 22 million dollars.

The loan, according to the document, was made by the president of the Board of Directors with the intention that Altos Hornos de México could continue operating and thus avoid losing the Monclova industry.

The financial resources entered the metallurgical company through different electronic transfers, which They may be identified in the accounting expert and in the judicial inspections that are prove the existence of the loan.

If the promise presented to the Alonso Ancira Court is accepted, Elizondo changes his status from debtor of AHMSA to creditor of La Acerera.


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