Ambassador Hussein Haridi: The current stage requires thinking about a permanent ceasefire

Ambassador Hussein Haridi: The current stage requires thinking about a permanent ceasefire

Shaima Rizk

Published on: Tuesday, November 21, 2023 – 11:54 PM | Last updated: Wednesday, November 22, 2023 – 12:22 AM

Ambassador Hussein Haridi, former Assistant Foreign Minister, said that the prisoner exchange deal is close to being completed, related to the release of Israeli detainees held by the resistance, in exchange for the release of Palestinian prisoners (women and children) held by the occupation.

He explained during a phone call to the “New Egypt” program, presented by journalist Angie Anwar, and broadcast on the “ETC” channel, on Tuesday evening, that the Israeli Prime Minister is meeting with the War Council and the Council of Ministers to obtain a consensus for the deal, noting that Biden announced that the deal is imminent. .

He pointed out that the deal will consist of 50 hostages held by Hamas, in exchange for women and children, whom Hamas will release over a period of 5 days, on the condition of a ceasefire and stopping the marches for 6 hours a day, as stated in the statements of US President Joe Biden, noting that this agreement came as a result of Egyptian, Qatari and American efforts and communications.

Regarding the possibility of exploiting this truce to build on it, he explained that it is not preferable to talk about a two-state solution in light of these current circumstances in the Palestinian territories.

He stressed that the priority in the current stage must be an immediate and permanent ceasefire, the withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza and the return of the displaced from the south to the north, then agreeing on the transitional stage related to who will manage Gaza in this transitional stage, and then thinking about negotiations and resuming peace negotiations between Palestine. And Israel.


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