An achievement with the help of an Iranian scientist: Abpinir air jets extract gold from computer parts…

An achievement with the help of an Iranian scientist: Abpinir air jets extract gold from computer parts…

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A group of researchers, with the participation of an Iranian scientist, have prepared Aerogel from milk cheese, which can extract gold particles from computer parts. Previously, synthetic chemicals were used for this purpose, which harmed the environment, but now with this method, the task of recycling e-waste can become much easier.

According to the Chemical & Engineering News website, a group of researchers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), among which “Mohammed Pidaish”, an Iranian scientist, was also a member, went to Abpanir and with its help, created a vacuum that can extract gold from computer parts. pull out

How did scientists reach the technology of extracting gold from computers using airplanes?

The researchers first put whey proteins in an acidic solution and heated it so that the proteins turn from small balls into strings. Then they dried and froze this solution and obtained a form of sponge whose surface has many pores.

“You can,” says Mohammad Pidaish, a chemical engineer at ETH Zurich [این اسفنج] Place on a flower. The advantage of using airplanes is that they have a large surface area.

The researchers further tested the ability of these air bubbles to absorb gold from a solution that also contained other metals such as copper, lead and nickel. This air was able to absorb up to 93% of gold and at the same time remove less than 10% of other metals.

To test this protein sponge in the real world, the researchers dissolved a computer motherboard in a mixture of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid. Then the airfoil was able to collect gold ions on its surface. Researchers say that each gram of this air collects 190 grams of gold. In the future, if this air is burned, the gold will remain in the form of small pieces.

Mohammad Pidaish says: “Seeing the pieces [طلا] “It was very exciting in the ashes.” These gold nuggets are said to be about 91% gold, which equates to approximately 21-22 carats. This Iranian researcher claims that with the help of this solution, it is possible to simultaneously solve the problem of electronic waste and obtain precious metals.

The results of this research have been published in the journal Advanced Materials.

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