André Ventura: “Today we are ahead of AD in all surveys below the Tagus”

André Ventura: “Today we are ahead of AD in all surveys below the Tagus”

“I knew that this path would have consequences, but I didn’t think they would be so obvious”, he acknowledges. “A stone, a knife, at any moment can leave a mark forever.” But she wouldn’t go back. “What kind of politician would I be if I put my safety before what I believe in?”

He does not hide that Chega’s program has changed, that it has lost liberalism compared to 2019, and justifies the changes with “greater proximity to people”. “Today we are ahead of the AD in all surveys below the Tagus”, he warns. Regarding his party’s excesses, he says that he has already had to ask for moderation and “caution” from his party members in the language they use and that he himself also makes his “self-criticism”. “Sometimes I can make mistakes or exaggerate”, he meditates.

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Regarding future understandings with the PSD, “a single government program” between the two parties is advanced as a condition, but without the need for Chega ministers. A parliamentary advocacy agreement ‒ right-wing ‘contraption’ style ‒ would not be enough. But independents nominated by Chega for ministries is a hypothesis that he is considering, having already made contacts to this end.

Regarding where he stands from an ideological point of view, he points to “an innovative right” but considers that “the concepts of left and right say less and less about his electorates”. “The middle class doesn’t care if it’s right or left, but it doesn’t care about the banks’ profits”, he says. And it is to her that Chega intends to speak until March 10th. If there is one thing that the conversation revealed, it was this: the most right-wing party in the hemicycle aims to reach much more than right-wing voters.

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