Ángel de Brito shot Nancy Dupláa for her strong confrontation with Amalia Granata

Ángel de Brito shot Nancy Dupláa for her strong confrontation with Amalia Granata

This Sunday, Amalia Granata celebrated the triumph of Javier Milei and proposed saying “a farewell” to the Ministry of Women due to the supposed cutback of ministries that La Libertad Avanza would make when it takes office on December 10. Nacy Dupláa vindicated the feminist struggle and harshly criticized the media. This bothered Ángel de Brito, who expressed his opinion.

Through her their electoral proposals.

“Let’s say goodbye because the Ministry of Women is leaving us,” Amalia celebrated. Several users came out to question her and not only because of this position, but because before the final victory, she pointed out Milei’s agreement with Mauricio Macri and Patricia Bullrich.

Nacy Dupláa entered the fray and, through her Instagram stories, responded harshly to the pro-life activist’s statements. “But the millions of girls and women who believe in it (the Ministry of Women) are not leaving, Amalia. We had years without ministry and we still created meaning, culture and beautiful things,” she expressed.

Ángel de Brito’s opinion in relation to Nancy Duplaá’s statements regarding the publication of Amalia Granata saying goodbye to the Ministry of Women. (Photo: screenshot)

“Don’t spit up, advice. History tells me that there are more and more feminists year after year, we transcend partisanship and above all we continue to conquer the rights that you enjoy. We gave you everything, but you have to be more well-read and less shouty, you have to have less hatred and more training. “That defines the people with height and arguments of the panelists of a gossip program,” she concluded forcefully.

Ángel de Brito felt touched by the actress’s comment and, therefore, he went out to respond to her through his account on X.

“If Nancy Dupláa needs to belittle a woman who thinks differently and belittle all the panelists, I can’t care less about her opinion. “What can you expect from a donkey more than a kick?”, expressed the LAM host about the words of Pablo Echarri’s wife.


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