Announced the figure for the holiday bonus and rolling raise: The figure currently being talked about…

Announced the figure for the holiday bonus and rolling raise: The figure currently being talked about…

After the retirement raises, attention has now turned to holiday bonuses and progressive raises. SSI Specialist İsa Karakaş shared the latest behind-the-scenes information about the progressive increase that millions of retirees have been waiting for.

While the decisions taken regarding working and retirement life are being implemented one after another, efforts have now been initiated to increase bonuses for retirees. Regular raises and holiday bonuses are on the agenda of retirees. More than 14 million retirees are waiting for the government’s announcement. SSI Expert İsa Karakaş answered the questions of TGRT Ankara News Director Ahmet Sözcan on TGRT News screens.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan declared 2024 as the year of retirees. Millions of retirees are expecting a gradual raise. Figures that leaked behind the scenes are slowly coming to light.

Speaking on the subject, İsa Karakaş said the following:

“Pensions remained well below the hunger line. Below the limits exceeding 15 thousand TL. According to sources in Ankara, the scenarios the government has are as follows: What we call the October plan. In July, retirees and public workers were given raises. The minimum wage for civil servants was quite high. A raise was made. Unfortunately, in July, the lowest areas remained at 25 percent. There is an instruction from the President regarding retirees. A meeting was held under the chairmanship of the President’s Vice President, Mr. Yılmaz, and what was the result? A bonus of 5,000 TL was given. . Yes.

Currently, the government is bringing the October plan to the agenda. Therefore, starting from the Ramadan Feast bonus, considering that April 10 is the first day of the Eid, it is on the agenda to increase the bonus, which is currently 2,000 TL, to at least 5,000 TL before March 31.”


Karakaş stated that the election process has been entered and added: “If a critical period is entered, I can say that this figure of 5,000 TL can rise up to 10,000 TL. And what is the most important? What is the biggest trump card the government has? It seems that the raise trump card is important here. Retirees, They say we were promised. In July, especially retired civil servants, they rightly state that they will receive 12 thousand TL retroactively. Of course, the promises made must be fulfilled. However, it is important to be realistic. How realistic should one be?

The economic situation is clear now. A program is being executed. That figure of 8,000 TL – 12,000 TL is not possible anyway. When will we see the currently talked about figure? “The increase figure may be at least around 4 thousand TL or around 5 thousand TL, it is thought to cover all retirees.”


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