Apple Vision Pro is four generations away from perfection

Apple Vision Pro is four generations away from perfection

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Zoomit: Apple Vision Pro has made a lot of noise in a short period of time; But it seems that he still has a long way to go to reach his ideal form.

According to Bloomberg, some members of the team working on Apple’s virtual reality headset believe that Vision Pro still needs a lot of changes for everyday use. It’s unclear what Apple’s development team envisions as the ideal product, but given user reports of problems with the Vision Pro, this product needs quite a bit of tweaking.

Many Vision Pro users feel that the headset is too heavy for extended use. Other criticisms include poor battery life, lack of dedicated apps, and bugs in visionOS.

If the Apple development team solves the problems of Vision Pro in the next four generations (like the development process of the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch in these years), it is predicted that Vision Pro will eventually replace the iPad.

Despite Apple’s efforts to make the iPad a product that could one day replace the MacBook, the device currently lacks a clear place among Apple’s other products. By unveiling the Stage Manager feature, bringing professional software to the App Store, and equipping its tablets with the M series chip, Apple tried to optimize this product for professional users; But these measures have not been very fruitful.

The Apple Vision Pro starts at $3,500, while VR headsets from other brands cost much less.

According to Bloomberg whistleblower Mark German, the first generation Vision Pro is more like a prototype that is still being tested and users are paying the price for its flaws.


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