Armed threat from Israeli Israeli to TRT News team! The Turkish press that announced the genocide in Gaza to the world is face to face with death

Armed threat from Israeli Israeli to TRT News team!  The Turkish press that announced the genocide in Gaza to the world is face to face with death

TRT News presenter Fuat Kozluklu, who tried to announce Israel’s “genocide” to the Turkish people from the city of Sderot near the Gaza border, stated that he was threatened with death by an Israeli person to the Turkish people and said, “I think the massacre in Gaza is the result of all Turkish press members who bring Israel’s brutality to the screens.” “He’s always potentially faced with something similar.” said.

While the attitude of the US and European media towards the attacks carried out by the Israeli army on the Gaza strip since October 7 is criticized, Turkish journalists who report the realities in the region are the target of threats.

TRT News presenter Fuat Kozluklu, broadcasting from the city of Sderot near Israel’s Gaza border, told the AA correspondent about the moments when he was threatened by the person who was reported to be an Israeli citizen:

“There were 2 minutes until the broadcast, I got in front of the camera. A person wearing an all black outfit and a hat on his head came up to me and suddenly moved in front of the camera. He came so close that we could almost say ‘nose to nose’. I said to him in English, ‘Hello, I will be on the air.’ “Speak Turkish to me. Speak Turkish, I know Turkish. I don’t want to see you here tomorrow morning. If you come, I will empty all the bullets of my gun into your body.” said.”

Kozluklu stated that he went on the air immediately after this threat and reported the incident on the air, and said, “However, I continued to follow him with one eye. Instead of looking at the camera during the broadcast, I followed him with my eyes. He moved about 4-5 meters away from us. He took out his mobile phone and “He started recording us, but not just me. From that moment on, he started recording all Turkish journalists in that region.” He used the expressions.

Stating that he believed that the person making the threat had been to the region where he was present and where Turkish journalists were broadcasting, Kozluklu said that he thought this was the reason why he recorded all of the Turkish journalists with his mobile phone.

Kozluklu said, “The man went, talked to the Israeli journalists there and continued to shoot videos from there. Then he went and got in his car. I don’t know if he was going to leave, he was hesitating or he wanted to make a show. Frankly, he tried to show his threat clearly. I didn’t notice it, but Serdar Er, CNN “My Turkish reporter friend watched him raise the gun in the air, open the car window and put the bullet into his gun. Serdar’s statement was very effective in his statement to the police. Afterwards, the man quickly walked away from the area.” he said.


Kozluklu said that he went to the police station to testify with CNN Turk reporter Serdar Er after the incident, and that the person who threatened him was an Israeli citizen and that he had been to the police station several times before and that there were photographs from the right and left in the police station.

Stating that the police told him that they would take the person who threatened him from his home and asked if he wanted to come face to face with him, Kozluklu stated that he did not want to see the person who threatened him and that he had a complaint.

Kozluklu said, “What they did is obvious. There is video footage recorded by my other colleagues and the license plate of his car.” He stated that the photographs in question reminded him of someone who was arrested or detained.

Stating that they had been filmed by civilians before, Kozluklu said, “After that person left, we saw people who were civilians, Israeli citizens, coming there. They also filmed everyone. He stops at the point where he broadcasts everyone like this, he films for a minute, then he moves on to the next person, then the next person.” “It passes from person to person. This is such an unpleasant threat. I think it means intimidation, get out of here.” attached residence.

Stating that he expected a threat or attack against himself, Kozluklu continued his words as follows:

“I think all Turkish press members who bring the massacre in Gaza and the brutality of Israel to the screens are always potentially faced with something similar. Every journalist colleague of mine who says ‘I am human’ is reporting similar news here. He sees that there is bombardment that does not stop for even a minute. Gaza’ In an environment that is reflected to the world but the world is playing blind and yellow, we say, ‘There is an atrocity here, humanity is being killed, (the attacks) are at the level of genocide. They are extirpating the Palestinians in Gaza.’ “I said this in my broadcasts. I will say it tomorrow, I always say it. Otherwise, I am not human.”


Speaking to AA correspondent, CNN Turk correspondent Serdar Er stated that he witnessed the moment of threat and said, “You could tell from Kozluklu’s face that something was not right.”

Stating that he asked Kozluklu about the situation after the broadcast and that he told him that he was threatened in Turkish, Er stated that they later followed this person to video him.

Er stated that the threatening person then came towards them and took pictures of them and said, “I realized that he was armed at that time when he kept his hand on his waist. When we looked at his body language, he seemed to be threatening us.” said.

Stating that he followed the threatening person afterwards and took a video of him, Er said that the person got into his vehicle and took a few tours.

The private stated that after lowering the window of the person’s vehicle, “he came across a gun he was holding in his right hand.” He said, “He drew a gun, most likely put the bullet in the mouth of the gun and waved the gun for us to see inside the car and many of our friends saw that image. Afterwards, he quickly ran away from the area we were in for a short time.” “I caught the image like this.” The house is attached.

Stating that they had no life security and that this person told them not to come there tomorrow, Er stated that the police said that they would ensure security and that they could go to the same area again tomorrow.

Er said, “We are trying to convey what is really happening in Gaza. We are trying to convey what is happening, not a perception. There have been attacks on the Turkish press for a long time.” he used the expression.

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